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Hello world! - From the capital program .


Hello world! - From a thread.




Note that:



  • The program behaves the aforementioned way as the antecedent program : HelloThread.



  • The Cilia item t is created with the appropriate Cilia constructor,


    which takes a Runnable item as input. If you alpha a Cilia item created


    in this way, the run() adjustment of the Runnable item will be accomplished as


    a new thread.



  • Since our chic is not extending the Cilia chic any more, we charge to


    call the sleep() absolutely by prefixing the chic name: Thread.





May be you are apprehensive why we charge the additional adjustment of creating a new thread,


which seems to be beneath beeline advanced than the first method? The acknowledgment is that


Java classes can not be continued from two altered abject classes. So if you are


in a bearings area you wish to make a new chic by extending an absolute


class to accede some nice appearance of that class, and you aswell wish to make


the new chic executable as a thread, you accept to use the additional adjustment to implement


the Runnable interface in your new class.



CPU Time Sharing



Question: If there are 5 appliance program s active on a individual CPU system,


and there 5 accoutrement active in anniversary of the 5 running


application program s, how all the 25 accoutrement get accomplished accompanying on that


one CPU?



The acknowledgment is that those 25 accoutrement do not get accomplished accompanying at any


given instance of time. They get accomplished one at a time in turns to allotment


the processing time of the individual CPU. The afterward simple archetype illustrates


how the processing time can be aggregate by assorted threads.



Assuming that:



  • The operating arrangement is advised to assassinate the active appliance program one


    at a time in turns. For anniversary turn, the called appliance get accomplished for


    only 1 millisecond.



  • If an appliance program gets executed, it will assassinate the active accoutrement one


    at a time in turns. For anniversary turn, the called cilia gets accomplished for only


    0.01 millisecond.



  • There are 5 accoutrement active in anniversary of the 5 active appliance program s.



  • The times absorb on about-face accoutrement and appliance program in the CPU are







If we let the arrangement runs for 0.1 second, anniversary appliance program will be executed


20 times for a absolute time of 20 milliseconds, and anniversary cilia will be accomplished


400 times for a absolute time of 4 milliseconds. So, for a atom of a additional


(1/10 second), all accoutrement in all applications program s will be accomplished for about


4 milliseconds. This will create you feel like all accoutrement get accomplished simultaneously.



Now let s use the afterward program to see how anniversary cilia is accepting its share


of the CPU time:






* RacingThread.java


* Absorb (c) 2002 by Dr. Yang




import java.util.*;


class RacingThread extends Cilia {


clandestine changeless final continued s_maxi = 1000000; // best amount of steps


clandestine changeless final int t_maxi = 5; // best amount of threads


clandestine changeless long[] t_done = new long[t_maxi];


clandestine changeless int t_last = -1; // basis of the endure thread


clandestine int t_indx;


clandestine changeless int n_prime = 0;


accessible changeless abandoned main(String[] a) {


System.out.println("Priority: (min, norm, max) = ("+


Thread.MIN_PRIORITY+", "+


Thread.NORM_PRIORITY+", "+




continued start_time = new Date().getTime();


for (int i=0; i<t_maxi; i++) {


RacingThread t = new RacingThread();


if (i==0) t.setPriority(Thread.MIN_PRIORITY);


abroad if (i==1) t.setPriority(Thread.NORM_PRIORITY);


abroad t.setPriority(Thread.MAX_PRIORITY);






System.out.print("Threads: ");


for (int i=0; i<t_maxi; i++) {


System.out.print(i+" ");






while(true) {


try {




} bolt (InterruptedException e) {






Steps: ");


for (int i=0; i<t_maxi; i++) {


System.out.print(t_done[i]+" ");




System.out.print((new Date()).getTime()-start_time);






accessible RacingThread() {




t_indx = t_last;


t_done[t_indx] = 0;




accessible abandoned run() {


for (long s=0; s<s_maxi; s++) {


int n = 0;


for (int i=3; i<100; i++) {// accumulate it active for some time


boolean is_prime = true;


for (int j=2; j<i; j++) {


is_prime = (i%j>0);


if (!is_prime) break;




if (is_prime) n++;




n_prime = n;


t_done[t_indx] = s;











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