Tutorial Addendum On Java - Synchronization

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Synchronization Sample Program



Now, let s address a program ming/java/general-java-list/' onMouseOver="tip('infobox1')" onMouseOut="untip()"> Java program to see how the synchronization technique


can break the coffer problem. Two classes are advised to simulate a bank





  • BankingThread class: Acting as an ATM machine, demography drop or abjure


    transaction requests from customers, and allurement the BankingMain chic to


    perform the transactions.



  • BankingMain class: Acting as the ascendancy center, managing instances of


    the BankingThread class, and assuming affairs advancing from anniversary BankingThread







BankingThread class:






* BankingThread.java


* Absorb (c) 2002 by Dr. Yang




import java.util.*;


public chic BankingThread extends Cilia {


clandestine long t_balance; // acount balance


clandestine continued t_count; // amount of affairs done so far


accessible BankingThread(ThreadGroup g, Cord n) {




t_count = 0;


int m = BankingMain.accountCount();


t_balance = new long;


for (int i=0; i<m; i++) t_balance = 0;




accessible continued transactionCount() {


acknowledgment t_count;




accessible continued getBalance(int i) {


acknowledgment t_balance;




accessible abandoned run() {


while (!isInterrupted()) {




Accidental r = BankingMain.getRandom();


continued t_step = BankingMain.getStep();


int m = BankingMain.accountCount();


int n = r.nextInt(m); // annual number


int t = 2*r.nextInt(2)-1; // blazon of transaction


continued a = (long) t*r.nextInt(10000); // bulk of transaction


if (t_step==1)


if (BankingMain.doTransaction1(n,a)) t_balance += a;


if (t_step==2)


if (BankingMain.doTransaction2(n,a)) t_balance += a;


if (t_step==3)


if (BankingMain.doTransaction3(n,a)) t_balance += a;


if (t_step==4)


if (BankingMain.doTransaction4(n,a)) t_balance += a;


try {


sleep(10); // delay for the next customer


} bolt (InterruptedException e) {














BankingMain class:






* BankingMain.java


* Absorb (c) 2002 by Dr. Yang




import java.util.*;


public chic BankingMain {


accessible changeless final int a_maxi = 10; // amount of accounts


accessible changeless long antithesis = new long;


accessible changeless Accidental r_number;


clandestine changeless final int t_maxi = 5; // amount of threads


clandestine changeless BankingThread t_list = new BankingThread;


clandestine changeless continued t_step;


clandestine changeless Item o_lock;


clandestine changeless Object a_lock = new Object;


accessible changeless abandoned main(String a) {


o_lock = new Object();


for (int i=0; i<a_maxi; i++) a_lock = new Object();


t_step = 1; // using doTransaction1();


System.out.println("No synchronization:");






t_step = 2; // using doTransaction2();


System.out.println("Synchronized method:");






t_step = 3; // using doTransaction3();


System.out.println("Synchronized statements:");






t_step = 4; // using doTransaction4();


System.out.println("Synchronized statements per account:");








clandestine changeless abandoned testATM() {


for (int i=0; i<a_maxi; i++) balance = 0;


r_number = new Random();


ThreadGroup g = new ThreadGroup("ATM");


for (int i=0; i<t_maxi; i++) {


BankingThread t = new BankingThread(g,String.valueOf(i));




t_list = t;




try {


Thread.sleep(5*1000); // alive period


} bolt (InterruptedException e) {


System.out.println("Interrupted in the mainthread.");






while (g.activeCount()>0); // delay for all accoutrement to end








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