Tutorial Addendum on Data Encoding - Base64 Encoding

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The afterward program , W3CBase64. java , shows how to use the W3C implementation.






* W3CBase64. java


* Absorb (c) 2002 by Dr. Yang




import java .io.*;


import org.w3c.tools.codec.*;


class W3CBase64 {


accessible changeless abandoned main(String[] a) {


Cord activity = a[0];


Cord inFile = a[1];


Cord outFile = a[2];


if (action.equals("encode")) {




} abroad if (action.equals("decode")) {




} abroad {


System.out.println("Please adjure the program with:");


System.out.println(" java W3CBase64 encode/decode in out");






clandestine changeless abandoned encode(String inFile, Cord outFile) {


try {


InputStream in = new FileInputStream(inFile);


OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(outFile);


Base64Encoder encoder = new Base64Encoder(in,out);








} bolt (IOException e) {








clandestine changeless abandoned decode(String inFile, Cord outFile) {


try {


InputStream in = new FileInputStream(inFile);


OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(outFile);


Base64Decoder decoder = new Base64Decoder(in,out);








} bolt (IOException e) {




} bolt (Base64FormatException e) {












Let s try this program by encoding and adaptation the java chic book produced by the Java






javac W3CBase64.java


java W3CBase64 encode W3CBase64.class W3CBase64.b64


type W3CBase64.b64


java W3CBase64 break W3CBase64.b64 W3CBase64.cls


del W3CBase64.class


ren W3CBase64.cls W3CBase64.class


java W3CBase64 abc in out




As you can see from the "type W3CBase64.b64" command, the encoded achievement is accurately formatted


with 76 characters per line.



By active the decoded adaptation of the chic book at the end, you understand that the encoding and


decoding accomplishing works fine.



Sun Implementation



Another accomplishing of the Base64 algorithm is from the Brazil activity at sun.com.


You can download the antecedent cipher of this accomplishing at: http://research.sun.com/brazil/.



Here is the antecedent code:






* Base64.java




* Brazil activity web appliance toolkit,


* consign version: 2.0


* Absorb (c) 2000-2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc.




* Sun Accessible Authorization Notice




* The capacity of this book are accountable to the Sun Accessible Authorization


* Adaptation 1.0 (the "License"). You may not use this book except


* in acquiescence with the License. A archetype of the Authorization is included


* as the book "license.terms", and aswell accessible


* at http://www.sun.com/




* The Aboriginal Cipher is from:


* Brazil activity web appliance toolkit absolution 2.0.


* The Antecedent Developer of the Aboriginal Cipher is: cstevens.


* Portions created by cstevens are Absorb (C) Sun Microsystems, Inc.


* All Rights Reserved.




* Contributor(s): cstevens, suhler.




* Version: 1.9


* Created by cstevens on 00/04/17


* Endure adapted by suhler on 02/07/24 10:49:48




package sunlabs.brazil.util;




* Account to base64 encode and break a string.


* @author Stephen Uhler


* @version 1.9, 02/07/24




public chic Base64 {


changeless byte[] encodeData;


changeless Cord charSet =





changeless {


encodeData = new byte[64];


for (int i = 0; i<64; i++) {


byte c = (byte) charSet.charAt(i);


encodeData[i] = c;






clandestine Base64() {}




* base-64 encode a string


* @param s The ascii cord to encode


* @returns The base64 encoded result




accessible changeless String


encode(String s) {


acknowledgment encode(s.getBytes());







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