Cryptography Tutorials - Tutorial Addendum - Using Certificates with Web Browsers

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This affiliate describes:




    Why Using Certificates with Browser?




    Exporting Certificates Out of Internet Explorer (IE)




    Importing Certificates into IE




    View Certificates in FireFox




    Importing Certificates into FireFox






Why Using Certificates with Browser?



In antecedent locations of the book, we accept abstruse how to accomplish certificates. Now let s see how we can


use certificates with Web browsers.



The first catechism we charge to ask is why do we charge certificates in a Web browser? The acknowledgment is that


many Web sites supports SSL (Secure Atrium Layer).



When a Web browser alcove a SSL enabled Web website (URL starts with https://), the server will forward a certificate,


called server certificate, the Web browser. The accountable of the server affidavit represents the server. The browser


is accepted to assurance the server certificate, or validate it with a trusted acceptance path.



A SSL enabled Web website may aswell ask the Web browser to forward aback a certificate, alleged applicant certificate,


to analyze the client, so that the server can validate the client.



So a Web browser needs to accept certificates for two purposes:



  • To anatomy a acceptance aisle to validate the server certificate.



  • To analyze client, if the server wants to do applicant certification.





There is alone one case area the Web browser doesn t charge any certificate, even if the server is SSL enabled:



  • The server is not allurement applicant certification, and you let the Web browser assurance the server certificate








Exporting Certificates Out of Internet Explorer (IE)



Now we understand why a Web browser needs accept certificates. Let s see how can we attending at the certificates stored


the Internet Explorer (IE).



1. Accessible IE 6.0, and go to the "Tools / Internet Options..." card option. The Internet Options chat box shows up.



2. Go to the Agreeable tab, and bang the "Publishers..." button in the Certificates section.


The Certificates chat box shows up.



3. Go to "Trusted Basis Acceptance Authorities" tab. You should see a account of certificates that appear with


the IE installation. All certificates listed on this tab are automatically trusted.



4. Baddest "VeriSign Assurance Network" with cessation date of 8/1/2028, and bang the "View" button.


The Affidavit chat box shows up.



5. You should see 3 tabs: General, Details, and Affidavit Path. Analysis them. You should acquisition some


interesting advice on this certificate.



6. Go to the Data tab, and bang the "Copy to File..." button. The Affidavit Consign Astrologer shows up.



7. Bang Next, and baddest "DER encoded bifold X.509 (.CER)" as the consign book format.



8. Bang Next, and access a book name: verisign1.cer.



9. Bang Finish. The called affidavit will be exported into the defined file.


(Continued on next part...)




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