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(Continued from antecedent part...)



If you run this sample program with PHP 5, you should get:




SHA1("") =




SHA1("abc") =




SHA1("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz") =






SHA1 Accomplishing in Perl



If you are absorbed in using SHA1 in Perl, you can attending a actual absorbing


implementation by John Allen in 8 curve of perl5, see Actuality is a archetype of John s code,


stored in



#!/usr/bin/perl -iD9T4C`>_-JXF8NMS^$#)4=L/2X?!:@GF9;MGKH8;O-S*8L 6


@A=unpack"N*",unpack u,$^I;@K=splice@A,5,4;sub M{($x=pop)-($m=1+~0)*int$x/$m};


sub L{$n=pop;($x=pop)<<$n|2**$n-1&$x>>32-$n}@F=(sub{$b&($c^$d)^$d},$S=sub{$b^$c


^$d},sub{($b|$c)&$d|$b&$c},$S);do{$l+=$r=read STDIN,$_,64;$r++,$_.="x80"if$r<


64&&!$p++;@W=unpack N16,$_."


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