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This tutorial helps you to accept



  • What is MD5?



  • MD5 Algorithm Overview



  • MD5 Accomplishing in Java



  • MD5 Accomplishing in PHP



  • MD5 Accomplishing in Perl





What is MD5?



Based on the MD5 RFC document, MD5 is message-digest algorithm, which


takes as ascribe a bulletin of approximate breadth and produces


as achievement a 128-bit "fingerprint" or "message digest" of the input.


It is accepted that it is computationally absurd to produce


two letters accepting the aforementioned bulletin digest, or to aftermath any


bulletin accepting a accustomed prespecified ambition bulletin digest.



MD5 was advised by Ronald Rivest in 1991 to alter an beforehand assortment function, MD4.


MD5 is added defended than MD4. About a amount of weaknesses accept been begin in contempo years.


The alotof contempo cardboard appear in this breadth shows that a blow of MD5 can be begin


within one minute on a accepted anthology PC, using a adjustment alleged tunneling.



Despite its weaknesses, MD5 is broadly acclimated in agenda signature processes.


It s been implemented in some programming languages.



MD5 Algorithm Overview



MD5 algorithm is able-bodied declared in RFC 1321 - The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm,


see Beneath is a quick overview of the algorithm.



MD5 algorithm consists of 5 steps:



Step 1. Appending Added Bits. The aboriginal bulletin is "padded" (extended)


so that its breadth (in bits) is coinciding to 448, modulo 512. The added rules are:



  • The aboriginal bulletin is consistently bedlam with one bit "1" first.



  • Then aught or added $.25 "0" are bedlam to accompany the breadth of the bulletin up to 64 $.25 fewer


    than a assorted of 512.





Step 2. Appending Length. 64 $.25 are added to the end of the bedlam message


to announce the breadth of the aboriginal bulletin in bytes. The rules of appending breadth are:



  • The breadth of the aboriginal bulletin in bytes is adapted to its bifold architecture of 64 bits.


    If overflow happens, alone the low-order 64 $.25 are used.



  • Break the 64-bit breadth into 2 words (32 $.25 each).



  • The low-order chat is added first and followed by the high-order word.




(Continued on next part...)





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