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Kernighan and Plaugers The Elements of Programming Appearance was an important


and accurately affecting book . But sometimes I feel its abridged rules were taken


as a cook book access to acceptable appearance instead of the blunt announcement of a


aesthetics they were meant to be. If the book claims that capricious names should


be called meaningfully, doesnt it then chase that variables whose names are


baby essays on their use are even better? Isnt MaximumValueUntilOverflow


a bigger name than maxval? I dont anticipate so.


What follows is a set of abbreviate essays that collectively animate a aesthetics


of accuracy in Programming rather than giving harder rules. I dont apprehend you


to accede with all of them, because they are assessment and opinions change with


the times. But theyve been accumulating in my head, if not on cardboard until now,


for a continued time, and are based on a lot of experience, so I achievement they advice you


accept how to plan the data of a program. (Ive yet to see a acceptable article


on how to plan the accomplished thing, but then thats partly what this advance is about.)


If you acquisition them idiosyncratic, fine; if you disagree with them, fine; but if


they create you anticipate about why you disagree, thats better. Beneath no affairs


should you program the way I say to because I say to; program the way you anticipate


expresses best what youre aggravating to achieve in the program. And do so consistently


and ruthlessly.


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