Operators Overloading

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What is Abettor Overloading


Operator Overloading enables us to create the accepted operators, like +, -,


* etc, to plan with the altar of our own data types. So what we do is, address


a action which redefines a accurate abettor so that it performs a specific


operation if it is acclimated with the item of a class.


Operator overloading does not acquiesce to create new operators or change the antecedence


of the operator. There are some operators which can not be overloaded.



























::The ambit resolution operator
:?The codicillary operator
sizeofThe sizeof operator
.The absolute affiliate alternative operator
.*The de-reference arrow to chic affiliate operator


Example of Abettor Overloading


C++ allows you to afflict operators. This means, for archetype we can redefine


the > abettor so that, if it is acclimated with the item of a chic ShoeBox




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