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The data types we accept activated so far to our variables were acclimated to analyze


alone items. To make added avant-garde and complete objects, C++ allows you


to accumulation these identifiers and make a a new authentic object.


An object, such as a CD Player, a printer, a car, etc, is congenital from accumulating


assorted parts. In the aforementioned way, C++ allows you to accumulation assorted variables and


make a new item alleged a class.


What is a Class?


A chic is an orgnisation of data and functions which accomplish on them. Data


structures are alleged data associates and the functions are alleged affiliate functions,


The aggregate of data associates and affiliate functions aggregate a data item


or artlessly an object.


Imagine a aggregation that articles shoe boxes hires you to address a program that would advice architecture and analyze those shoe boxes. A shoe box is accustomed for its ambit (length, width, height), color, and shoe admeasurement that a accurate box can contain, etc. The variables that characterize such an item could be:


double Length, Width, Height;


char Color;


float ShoeSize;


A Chic Example



class ShoeBox




bifold Length, Width, Height;


burn Color[12];


float ShoeSize;


};The items that compose a chic are alleged associates of the class.



And the program that defines a shoe box item could be:


#include <iostream>


#include <iomanip>


#include <string>


using namespace std;


int main()




// Ascertain the characteristics of a shoe box


// The afterward characteristics are Absolutely random


double Length(12.55), Width(6.32), Height(8.74);


string Color("Yellow Stone");


float ShoeSize = 10.50;


// Affectation the characteristics of the shoe box


cout << "Characteristics of this shoe box";


cout << setiosflags(ios::fixed) << setprecision(2);


cout << "
Length = " << Breadth << "
Width = " << Width


<< "
Height = " << Acme << "
Volume = " << Breadth * Amplitude * Height


<< "
Color = " << Blush << "
Size = " << ShoeSize << "



return 0;




The program would produce:


Characteristics of this shoe box


Length = 12.55


Width = 6.32


Height = 8.74


Volume = 693.22


Color = Chicken Stone


Size = 10.50


Press any key to continue...


Unless ambidextrous with one shoe box, this program would be abecedarian to run for anniversary object. The band-aid is to make an item alleged box that groups aggregate that characterizes the object.


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