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 09 August 19:36   

    The English-Arabic concordance area has the abeyant to be a actual advantageous area for English speaking acceptance of Arabic. However, the actuality that around all Arabic words are based on a three (very rarely 4) letter root, with accepted prefixes, suffixes and infixes, presents different problems for acclimation an english concordance of Arabic. Artlessly acclimation the concordance alphabetically would be bulky and difficult to use; if searching up an arabic word, one about identifies the 3 basis letters, then the anatomy of the verb it is associated with (there are 10 accepted forms) and looks up the access alphabetically by the basis letters, to acquisition the definition.

    The advantage actuality is that all accompanying words are aggregate calm instead of getting advance throughout the dictionary. Also, if a concordance is not organized by root, alotof words would activate with one of three letters: the agnate of Y, M or a glottal stop.

    I adduce the afterward variation, then, to the accepted Wiktionary chat page, for arabic words:


    This would be the absolute word, which could still be searched for directly, after deciphering the basis letters, for instance ?????


    Language, as per wiki normal


    in the aloft example, this would be ? ? ? after the prefix m letter and the suffixed a sound.


    The aloft chat is anatomy II, or as arab dictionaries call it:wazn ????

    Part of Speech

    --here I dont understand whether it makes faculty to use English grammar terminology, which alone about describes arabic grammar functions: I advance it would be accessible to aswell cover the arabic grammar agreement (masdar, etc).

    pronunciation munathama

    Definition. organization



    -- 13:51, 4 January 2006 (UTC)

    ::To create this angle simpler to implement, Ive added sample cipher at , the Talk: Arabic Accent page, which can be EDIT:Copy:Pasted into new chat analogue pages. All and assorted should feel chargeless to advance both on this abstraction and the sample page; I absolutely meant it as a angle to be discussed. -- 12:17, 6 January 2006 (UTC)



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