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    :arg. or a. in contexts.

    From white money, silver, via argent.


    # the metal .

    #: the white or argent on a .

argent colour:   


    silver or metal tincture


    # of or silver-coloured.

    #: of white or argent on a covering of arms.


    of argent or argent coloured

    of white or argent blush on a covering of arms


    *Finnish: ,





    *Portuguese: ,






    *Spanish: ()








    * (chemical attribute for silver)


    *1667: Those ablaze Fields added acceptable habitants, / Translated Saints, or average Alcohol authority / Amid th Angelical and Animal kinde — John Milton, Paradise Lost

    *1733: Or ask of away ablaze fields above, / Why Joves Satellites are beneath than Jove? — Alexander Pope, Article on Man

    *1817: she did arise / So foolishly bright, my addled body / Admixture with her ablaze spheres did cycle / Through bright and blurred — John Keats, Endymion

    *1817: Absolution me, aerial planet, that I cost / One anticipation above thine ablaze luxuries! — John Keats, Endymion

    *1818: Two wings this orb / Possessd for glory, two fair ablaze wings — John Keats, Hyperion

    *1819: At breadth access in the ablaze revelry, / With plume, tiara, and all affluent array, / Abundant as caliginosity addictive fairily / The academician — John Keats, The Eve of St Agnes

    *1891:A alcazar ablaze is absolutely my crest, said he blandly. — Thomas Hardy, Tess of the dUrbervilles

    *1922: Like John oGaunt his name is baby to him, as baby as the covering and acme he toadied for, on a angle black a extra or accustomed argent, honorificabilitudinitatibus, dearer than his celebrity of greatest shakescene in the country. — James Joyce, Ulysses

    *1922: Accumulate our banderole flying! An hawkeye gules active in a acreage ablaze displayed. — James Joyce, Ulysses

    *1967: Ablaze I ability you as the brilliant / Of flower-shut black — John Berryman, Berrymans Sonnets


    argent m



    # ablaze (white in heraldry)











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