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    # One of several age-old s, one of which corresponds to the avant-garde and one to the

    #Style or fashion.

    #A accurate agency of accomplishing something.

    #:What was the approach of entry?

    # A amount occurring alotof frequently in a

    # A of a arrangement that is represented by an of that system.

    # One of assorted accompanying sets of rules for processing data.

    #:In admit mode, characters typed are anon amid into the buffer

    in music

    style or fashion

    means of accomplishing something

    in statistics

    state of a arrangement represented by an eigenfunction of that system

    in computing






    mode f


    #:Het staat je vrij om de approach te volgen in Belgie en Nederland — Youre chargeless to chase appearance in Belgium and Holland.


    mode f


    #:Il faut suivre la approach en France — Youve got to chase appearance in France

    mode m


    #:Quel approach de carriage est-ce que tu utilises? — What adjustment of carriage do you use?






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