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Home Prices In 2006 Abound At Slowest Amount Back 1999

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 31 December 18:00   Home p rice s rice in the 2006 agenda year were at the slowest in eight years, according to Freddie Mac s Accepted Mortgage Home Amount Basis (CMHPI). The U.S. home prices grew at an anniversary amount of 6.1 % endure year registering the everyman advance amount back 1999 if the prices accepted at 5.4 %. By comparison, the anniversary advance amount in 2005 was 13.3 %, added than alert of endure year s home amount acknowledge rate. Home prices rose at an anniversary amount of 4.9 % in the 4th division of 2006 from the revised 3rd division amount of 4.4 %, according to the Freddie Mac Index, but a arrest in home sales resulted in the abatement in home amount appreciation. Home sales accomplished a abatement of 11 % from the 4th division of 2005 to the 4th division of 2006 abundantly due to a abatement in apartment markets that accomplished top apartment costs and a weaker economy, as appear in a account by Aboveboard Nothaft, Freddie Mac carnality admiral and arch economist. Nothaft s predictions for this year s home amount acknowledge amount is appealing grim. According to him, 2007 will see a home amount acknowledgment amount of about 3 %, about one bisected of the anniversary home amount acknowledgment amount of 2006.

    The afterward are the altered regions of the U.S. that had accomplished home amount assets during the 4th division of 2006.

    The Abundance states registered an boilerplate amount accretion of 8 %. The South Atlantic states acquaint an annualized amount of 7.7 %. The West South Axial states accomplished a advance amount of 6.3 %. The East South Axial states showed a home amount advance of 6 %. The Average Atlantic states had a advance in home prices at a amount of 4.7 %. The West Arctic Axial states acquaint a home amount acknowledge amount of 4.2 %. The East Arctic Axial states registered an boilerplate amount acceleration of 3.9 %. The New England states showed an anniversary advance amount of 2.4 %. The Accordant states listed an acknowledgment amount of 2.2 %.

    California, Hawaii, Nebraska, Nevada, Arctic Dakota, Rhode Island and West Virginia are seven states that accept accomplished home amount declines during the 4th division of 2006. Michigan is the alone accompaniment that accomplished a year-over-year abatement in boilerplate home values.



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