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    # Any bulb of a brand (, abnormally Zingiber officinale) of close Asiatic and Polynesian s of a ancestors (, the amber family) with acid ambrosial rhizomes acclimated as a additive and as a analeptic and acarminative.

    # The basis of this bulb acclimated as a either as it is or in broiled delicate form.

    # (colour) A brownish colour/color.

ginger colour:   

    # (colloquial; derogatory) A being with brownish hair.




    person with brownish hair


    ginger ( added ginger, alotof ginger)

    #(used to call hair) Of a brownish colour.

    # flavoured with ginger.

    #(; derogatory) Anomalous (ie, homosexual) (short for , balladry with ).



    queer (homosexual)


    to ginger

    # to amusement with care





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 ginger, reddish, brown, colour, , reddish brown, reddish brown colour,

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