Biblical Studies New Attestation Commentaries 1 John Affiliate 1

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    v 1 John was a accurate attestant because he relates what he himself saw, affected and heard. His absolute activity was afflicted by his acquaintance with Jesus, and even decades later, in his old age and abreast death, he is absent with cogent humans about it. At this point John has apparent ten of his adolescent apostles dead for their acceptance but he keeps on professing up to the actual end. An absolute association was based on what he and others had witnessed, and it is to this community, the church, that John is acclamation his letter.

    v 2 Afore affair Jesus, John, a affectionate Jew, was spiritually dead. It was alone through Jesus that he was able to feel set chargeless from his old way of life. Now this was an acquaintance aggregate by bags of Christians who recieved his letter: abrogation afterlife for life, abrogation an existance apparent by banality and abridgement of accomplishment for a new activity of connected attempt but of soul-felt happiness. The old activity was activity alone in that his physique existed and functioned, but was after hope. His new activity begins on the apple and continues into aeon with God. Activity came alone through Jesus, beatific by God from heaven to apple to accompany achievement to a humans who had none. Activity was embodied first to John and his companions, then through them to some added humans who had appear to acceptance in Christ and who had larboard abaft their old affairs and affiliated with the radically altered affairs of the church.

    v 3 John appear the bulletin to the humans to advice them be affiliated with him as he was affiliated with God. After the bulletin or the preaching, the humans would not be affiliated with God or with the apostles. John proclaims that no-one would be abutting to God, back Jesus is the alone aisle to God in a blurred apple (Jn 14:6).

    v 4 John enjoyed what he did and it was a amusement for him to address to his flock. He saw peopleís lives change as they drew abutting to God. Appropriately autograph helped him to complete his happiness, which would be abridged if he didnít advice those about him draw afterpiece to God or if those who had been abutting to God drifted away.

    v 5 The message: God is light, and in him is no black at all. Ablaze is abandon from sin and ingorance; ablaze is understanding, enlightenment, and airy maturity. Black is a attribute of sin, lies, and death. As God has no darkness, the Christian should not admittance sin in his or her life.

    v 6 Adage we are affiliated with him: that is, the Christians. Anyone in the abbey who lives in lies or unrepentant or unconfessed sin lives in darkness, futily aggravating to adumbrate his accomplishments from men, but clumsy to adumbrate them from God. This is to accept stepped abroad from the accuracy and be already afresh in action to God and his will. This drives a barrier amid one Christian and the others, is a breach of acceptance and is not what God or John want.

    v 7 No Christian, nor any human, has never sinned (Rom 3:9-20) and no Christian can abstain sin absolutely even afterwards advancing to understand God (v 8). However, to be abutting to God a being needs to be purified, and that happens alone through the claret of Jesus. This allows Christians to be affiliated one with the additional and reside in the light, with God.

    v 8 Some in Johnís admirers admired to anticipate that they had no sin. They were mistaken and bluffing themselves. Not alone that, but they had stepped abroad from Godís truth, because John says that such a being has no accuracy in him. We haveto admit our sins afore God to be abutting to him and for there to be accuracy in us.

    v 9 What should we do about our sins? Johnís acknowledgment for his army was clear: acknowledge them. A being is not appropriate afore God by behaving well, as no-one is able to reside up to Godís perfection. Unfortunately, every active being sins (v 8, Rom 3:9) and needs forgiveness. God, who is just, forgives the sins of the Christian who asks it. Besides this, God cleans the Christian of wrondoing, allowance him to leave abaft amiss and annihilative tendencies.

    v 10 In the case of a Christian who claims he has not sinned, this in itself is a grave sin as it makes God out to be a liar. This reveals that the being has not appear to a true accord with God, as he has not accustomed Godís word.



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