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    v 1 The abbey was characterized by its acceptance in Jesus as the Messiah, and Jesus promised that through him, as the Son of God, his followers could become sons of God as well. A key aspect in this is acceptance in him. The abbey was abounding wih the faithful, who were set afar from the agnostic in the world. It was a abundant bluff acumen than today, as the accommodation to chase Christ was generally met with abrupt action and persecution. So those who backward in the abbey had to do so through faith, not just a ancestors attitude or activity of comfort.

    John alleged the affectionate to adulation one addition as brothers in one family, all sons of the aforementioned Father. To be a Christian meant to adulation God, and actuality John continues insisting that the Christian haveto aswell adulation his brothers in the church.

    v 2 Afresh John insists that to adulation God is to do what God commands, which includes admiring the additional Christian s. They are not just any person, but sons of God himself, and accordingly even added admirable of love. The adulation of a Christian is activated by how he treats the others. Not even in Johnís time was getting allotment of the abbey any agreement of how a being lived, he still bare to accept his accomplishments tested.

    v 3 To adulation God is to obey his commands. But so this doesnít assume so abundant like an assumed burden, John reminds us that this is not impossible. It could feel absurd to his audience, accepting to reside a activity so altered from their surrounding ability in so some details, accepting college moral and ethical standards and accomplishing some things the ďhard wayĒ. To adults, the abstr action of ďobedienceĒ is usually appealing foreign, and John was acquainted of this if he asked it of his flock.

    v 4 Why was it accessible to obey Godís commands? Because his admirers was create up of accouchement of God, who acclimated their acceptance to affected the world. Getting a adolescent of God agency accepting backbone from him to abide growing to be anytime added like him. John himself was a champ over the world, and was of the aforementioned aggregate acceptance as his audience. The action connected even as he wrote but he said that the achievement had already been given, a achievement over carnal desires and a carnal lifestyle, a continuing and advancing victory.

    v 5 The key to achievement was acceptance in Jesus as the different Son of God. If Jesus was the Son of God, then aggregate that he accomplished was trustable. That meant that his affiance of abiding activity for the faithful, and judgement of the disobedient, alleged everyoneís accomplishments into annual on the final day. This would accept been a huge motivator for the aggregation because it was a acrid brand Ė absolution as able-bodied as punishment. But on top of that, the abysmal adulation apparent by Jesusí accommodating affliction as Godís Son gave a abysmal affecting advance to the Christiansí accord with their maker and their accordance to him.

    v 6 Baptize and blood: symbols of Jesusí ablution and death, or afterlife and activity through the spirit. Claret and baptize came out of Jesusí ancillary if he was broken on the cantankerous (Jn 19:34). The Spirit is a witness: not the flesh. The Christians lived by a new set of rules that were actual altered than those of the apple about them, and the additional humans did not accept the symbols of baptize or claret as did those of the Spirit. But, the Spirit is truth, even admitting the accuracy is adverse to abundant of accepted wisdom. (Help me on this verse!)

    v 7 This ballad was allegedly added after on and was apparently not in the aboriginal letter John wrote. ďThere are three assemblage in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Angelic Spirit, and these three are one. And three are the assemblage on the earth, (the Spirit, the baptize and the blood). Alone four backward Greek manuscripts accept the verse, recorded from the fourteenth aeon to the present.

    v 7-8 John was a witness, and alleged aloft additional assemblage to abutment what he had seen: the Spirit, the baptize and the blood. The irony of the activity in the Spirit and the baptize is that it came alone through the afterlife adumbrated by the blood. Just as Christ died, he calls his followers to die to their old activity through ablution and to activate a new activity through the Spirit in accord with his blood.

    v 9 Affidavit about Jesus came from the men and women who were with him, but aswell through God himself, who asserted that Jesus was his son. That affidavit came from God to man through the Spirit and the afflicted lives of those who followed Jesus. (Jn 1:32-34, 8:47, Lk 3:21-22, 9:35) The affidavit was aswell accepted alone by the humans who responded to the Christiansí bulletin and adapted to acceptance in Christ.

    v 10 In acceptable a Christian, a being came to accept in God and Jesus as his son, and afflicted his affection badly in acknowledgment to the adulation apparent by Godís accommodating cede of his son and Jesusí alertness to abide for the account of others. This acceptance and change of attitude were the affidavit of the affection of a Christian. On the additional hand, those who did not accept in God, and appropriately in Jesus, his Son, were abstinent what God said about Jesus. This create God out to be a liar, (v 1:10) and was a grave absurdity on the allotment of the unbeliever. Anniversary accepter and every being should apperception what God says and not try to argue him (parable of the clashing kings).

    v 11 Account of Godís testimony: abiding activity through his Son. God gives it to his children, the Christians, (Jn 1:12-13) and does so alone through Jesus (Jn 14:6).

    v 12 To accept the son of God is to accept an affectionate accord with him, that is, to be one of Christís disciples. Activity is abiding activity always with God in heaven, as able-bodied as meaning, purpose and joy in the Spirit even amidst adversity in activity actuality on the earth. These are privelidges of Christians only, not enjoyed by those who do not understand God.



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