How to Use Animal Attributes To Badly Access Sales

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 31 December 18:00   

    How to Use Animal Attributes To Badly Access Sales    by Bob Davies

    It was eleven o alarm on a algid Wednesday evening. I had just accustomed at my

    hotel from the airport for a keynote program on Thursday morning.. Afterwards

    checking in, I went anon to my room. As I watched the floors go by on the

    elevator panel, I kept thinking, I am absolutely hungry.

    As I absolved into my room, what was about to appear would change my

    life......forever! I went anon to the "mini bar", opened the door,

    got on my easily and knees, and ate aggregate there.

    Oh, I started out with acceptable intentions. I had alone captivated 1000

    calories so far during the day. My physique weight was about 198, so I

    could accept about 2000 calories circadian and not accretion weight. I had

    plenty of calories to spare.

    I started out with the M&Ms. One bag, 240 calories, no problem. Next

    I happened to see a bag of amber dent cookies, two for 270 calories,

    again, no problem. Next I saw the Orio cookies, then a bag of Barbecue

    potato chips. Next a Mars Bar, then addition bag of M&Ms, this time

    with nuts, then something I would never commonly eat, marsh mellows

    and Rice Crispies, accumulated into some blazon of a one confined square.

    It went on and on. I ate over 4000 calories that night. Its ok, though,

    I thought. Ill just address them down on my calorie chart, Im

    accountable afterwards all. Then Ill just aces up my workouts and bake an

    additional two hundred calories per plan out next week. That forth

    with a abatement in my assimilation care to get me appropriate aback area I should


    That blazon of cerebration was actually correct. I would access my

    expenditure, abatement my intake, and I would be aback down in weight

    next anniversary except for one thing...

    ...I would consistently be arena bolt up. I would consistently accept that added

    five to ten pounds that I understand I can lose and will someday.

    It was that mini bar acquaintance that create me apprehend that I had a


    The problem was Animal NATURE!

    There is a able-bodied accepted assumption in the law of Animal behavior which

    states the following:

    "All Animal achievement is either the abstention of Affliction or the gluttonous

    of Comfort!"

    This is referred to as the Animal achievement law. I like to use the

    analogy of the assumption of gravity. It doesnt amount if you

    understand the assumption of gravity. It doesnt amount if you accept

    in the principle. The assumption will administer its aftereffect in your activity

    regardless of your attitude or compassionate of it.

    The aforementioned is true with Animal nature. All Animal beings are apprenticed by the

    avoidance of annihilation that they apperceive as uncomfortable, or painful,

    and apprenticed to annihilation that they apperceive as amusement or comfort.

    This furnishings our perceptions. We are advised as a breed to accept what is

    called careful perception. We are advised to pay absorption to what can

    hurt us and abstain it.

    When I absolved into that auberge room, what did I pay absorption to? Did I see

    the blast and anticipate about blockage my articulation mails? Did I see the closet

    space and anticipate about blind up my apparel bag. No! I saw the mini bar and

    thought about the food!

    Where is the affliction here? The affliction is that I am hungry. Area is the comfort?

    The abundance is in the food. So what will Animal attributes drive me to do? The

    obvious acknowledgment is, eat! But what about my charge to weight control?

    It doesnt matter. All Animal achievement is either the abstention of pain, or

    the gluttonous of comfort. Affliction is the hunger, abundance is the mini bar!

    For years I had a problem with my weight. I kept using discipline to eat beneath

    but it never would endure actual long. Animal natures acute armament of

    avoiding affliction and gluttonous abundance are far added able than abundant intentions

    and willpower. Animal attributes will consistently win!

    Since Animal attributes is all able and will consistently be alive in my life, I

    wonder if there is a way to get Animal attributes to plan for me instead of

    against me...

    Finally, the band-aid hit me like a access of algid air on a still night! Stop

    fighting Animal nature. Back I will consistently be apprenticed to abstain affliction and to

    seek comfort, then I charge to accessory affliction with the mini bar and abundance

    with blockage out of the mini bar.

    Heres how! I told 5 of my apprenticeship audience that if I go into the mini bar

    on my cruise then I will pay anniversary of them $250. Thats $1,250 if I go into the

    mini bar!

    Now, area is the pain!

    I had assuredly ample it out! I affiliated affliction to the behavior I capital to

    avoid, and amusement to the activity I capital to have!


    The 5 humans I told I knew would authority me accountable. I even doubtable

    that one of them would infact alarm the auberge and acquaint them he was from the

    FBI and bare a archetype of my allowance bill!

    Look at the activating I had. I had a specific action: (no mini bar) accumulated

    with accountability ($1,250 fine).

    That is the aristocratic achievement formula. You can do this yourself and I

    promise you that over the next seven canicule you will acquisition the befalling to

    take the activity you accomplish to as continued as you hotlink the not accomplishing it to pain,

    and the demography of the activity to comfort. In some cases, the abstention of the

    pain becomes the comfort.

    Apply this to your prospecting. Accomplish to authoritative so some calls this week.

    Make abiding that this amount is a astute amount that you should be able to

    do. Create this charge to addition person, put a accomplished on it, and adore your


    Here is what you will acquisition out at the end of the week.

    It was easy! Do this for just one action every anniversary and you will be absolutely

    impressed if Dec. 31 rolls around!



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