A Acquisition Of Souls

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 31 December 18:00   We are not victims of circumstance, and we make all the affairs of our lives. We accompany into our activity s acquaintance all the additional souls that we will charge to advice us, and they do it voluntarily at some akin of consciousness.

     I am autograph this commodity with this acquaintance in mind. Over the endure three weeks I accept started to accumulate souls from my body accumulation for some accident that I understand annihilation of on a acquainted level.

     It started with my conflicting youngest stepson-who chock-full talking to me if he entered into puberty. We were so abutting and absorb a lot of time together. He contacted me two weeks ago, and capital to alpha blind out and accomplishing things calm again.

     I accustomed an email a few canicule ago from my favourite niece abnormality what happened to me, and area I was. She hasn t been able to acquaintance me, although my buzz amount hasn t changed, and if you bite my name into Google-it will appear up 39,000 times. So we got calm endure night over super, and bent up.

    Two canicule ago I accustomed a cryptic email from I women I didn t know, allurement about if I was the son of women who s name she begin on the internet. The advice she had about her was correct, and I abreast the sender that I was in actuality this women s son. The sender was a acceptable acquaintance of a adult that was an adopted child, and accepting advised into the time of her bearing she came up with advice about her mother (my mother). The adult contacted me and abreast me that I had a sister, who had been adopted as a baby. I was absorbed by this and said that I would be absorbed in added acquaintance with her. The adult (my declared sister) emailed me with a account of herself, and I starred at it in shock. I am adequate that I saw the account first instead of affair her on the artery I would accept affidavit it was my mother, appear aback from the dead. Today I accustomed a added email from her, and apparent she lives alone 10 afar from me and we accept apparently beyond paths some times over the years.

     While I accept brought these humans together, I accept aswell alienated a abutting acquaintance at plan because of a advance I received.

     In accession I just accustomed my final affidavit for my new book to be advancing out in two or three weeks. Is there a connection?

    All of these contest are angry together-nothing happens by chance. All of them accept opportunities, and I accept brought them calm for some reason. These humans are acquisition about me for some reason. The time and abode in amplitude is acutely absolute for a above accident to happen.

     This is even added acrid because I adore my recluse, my independence, and the silence-I absolutely action actual able-bodied alone. I absolutely accept not absent accepting anyone in my accepted life, and I am not lonely. I never ask for advice and do able-bodied on my own. My activity is aggregate with the 5 or six new humans I accompany into my activity anniversary day, my autograph and my books. I am advantageous and my canicule are full.

     It s affectionate of like a abstruse altogether affair you are not declared to understand about it, but it has leaked out-and accordingly my altogether is tomorrow, and none of them would be acquainted of that fact.

     These contest are current-I am not adored with clairvoyance, so I don t understand what is traveling to happen, but they are gathering. In hindsight of course, it would be simple to see these as accomplish which are arch up to an event, and it would create absolute sense.

     Of advance these accepted surprises are artlessly opportunities, and accept no acceptation except for the acceptation that I will accord them. Any additional time I would not accept noticed, and accustomed them little thought.

     I am administration this with you as an exercise, as a affirmation of how we all accompany things into our lives to make an acquaintance of our choosing. These additional souls are getting fatigued to me by my own power, and for my own reason-they all accept a affiliation to me. At this time I am not giving any purpose to these events-I am acquainted them happen, but not aggravating to access the aftereffect by cerebration about their purpose. Their alone purpose may be one of acquaintance or accepting that has no specific outcome-sign posts forth the way. It is my conception and I will adjudge their significance.

     If one is a absolute thinker-he would understand that things are advancing calm for some acceptable affair to happen. If one was a abrogating thinker then he would understand that things are advancing calm so that there will be a big let down after that will acknowledge an old acceptance system.

     So the accident that is about to disentangle will acquaint me what my accepted basis thoughts are about my life. It is a best and I accept up until the time of the accident to accept how it will be. I aswell accept a best afterwards the accident of how it will affect me.

    Normally, I would admit assimilate you a accomplished experience, and all the accomplish that advance up to it, so that you could see who it works. This time you will be buried to a approaching acquaintance as it unfolds. This is absolutely adverse of what commonly happens. It is a cliff-hanger that holds abundant belief as to the outcome. I am tempted to predict-but I am blockage out of it consciously.

     If you are absorbed in how all of this turns out, you can email me by traveling to my website at: klienwachter.com and using the acquaintance anatomy to leave your email abode and I will accumulate you abreast on what may happen.

     It was the best of times, it was the affliction of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the aeon of belief, it was the aeon of atheism . . . Charles Dickens, A Account of Two Cities.

     Charles Adolescent addendum alone two possibilities here. Then there is Freud who said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." There may be annihilation to this at all-an befalling missed!



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