Ten Commandments That Dont Plan

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 31 December 18:00   In the action of arming myself with advice about the Ten Commandments for my new book, I came beyond the Ten Punishments.

     If alone we could get abroad from the thoughts of dieing and move to thoughts of living. Adoration seems to be all about putting humans to death. That is their adjustment of army control. I assumption a able bridle is the best deterrent.

     Maybe we should put some of these up on the fridge for the kids to read.

    From the Bible:

    " He that smiteth his father, or his mother, shall be absolutely be put to death.

    From The Qur an

    " The eye that mocketh at his father, and despiseth to obey his mother, the ravens of the basin shall aces it out, and the adolescent eagles shall eat it.

    " And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall absolutely be put to death.

     It has been years back I accept apprehend annihilation from the Bible. Analysis has brought me to it again, forth with the Qur an, Book of Mormon and others. I chock-full account the Bi-weekly and watching the account on TV years ago because I did not wish to apprehend about doom and anguish or sensationalized events. These angelic books present added abandon than annihilation you could acquisition in the news. It is just apparent alarming writing. It is amazing that our antecedents survived all this smiting, beheading, and getting put to death. Afterlife and abandon were the symbols of the time. It is no admiration that avant-garde man continues with these accomplished traditions.

     It leads me to admiration why there would be any affectionate of commandments adjoin killing, begetting, or doithing unto others. It would assume that it was altogether accustomed to be accomplishing these things over hundreds of bags or even millions of years.

     I understand from my training in NLP, and my own activity that animal behavioral patterns are difficult and actual apathetic to change. A actor years may assume like a continued time to us, but in the arrangement of things in the universe-it is a flash of the eye.

     What is absolutely amazing is that these angelic books are still apprehend and affected to be applied for avant-garde society. The doctrines are still followed and the annihilation continues. There is no one book bigger than the other. They all authenticate the accustomed abandon of humanity, and it is still getting played out. Abandon is man s attributes and the moral religious codes accept done annihilation to stop it. Abhorrence of death, damnation and adversity has not chock-full violence. That is because abandon begets violence. Man s ability has not acquired abundant so that he can move abroad from violence-reason fails him miserably.

     If it is accustomed for man to kill, then there is annihilation inherently appropriate or amiss with it. But if it is not adorable to do it any best and we continue, then we are insane. Accepted faculty does not acquiesce us to abide to do a affair that does not work. Abstract aberration has been with us all this time and there are leaders that use this aberration to get what they want. There are accepted folk that chase the aisle of abandon in there accustomed affairs. Just how acquired are we? Is it not accessible that we are now beneath aware than our predecessors, because we accept the account of time and acquaintance and accept done little to change?

     Still for all the abandon and the abridgement of accordance to religious chastity there are humans that reside on this planet as admitting it were Heaven. These humans understand of the violence, but it is not allotment of their lives, and they are not affected by it. The acquaintance of abandon is a best that we create at either a hidden or acquainted level. We are not victims-we accompany to us all that we accept to experience.

     In adjustment for a association to advance, we haveto move abroad from that which has kept us from advancing. We haveto leave the old orders and institutions, abutting the books on religious article and alter it with something that reflects a added avant-garde society. If annihilation is something that works then we should embrace it instead of getting hypocritical of it. If it is adjoin animal attributes to move abroad from it then the laws adjoin it should be changed. Afterlife is a abiding thing, but annihilation and wars are not, unless we adjudge that it is, and so far that has been demonstrated.

     If it is not accessible for altruism to stop sleeping with addition s apron then the moral laws should be afflicted to reflect that inability. If it is not accessible to stop coveting, than why acknowledgment it in the Ten Commandments. Let s endorse it and abolish the punishment.

     If for some cause we accept that altruism has confused accomplished all that, then why are we still accomplishing it? Why are we still active with a religious moral cipher that says one affair and does another?

     If the Ten Commandments are for religious moral cocked individuals why doesn t it work? Chastity has actively let us down, unless we see flesh as acutely backward or lost. I don t accept that-and all it would yield is a change of attitude, and a about-face to "what works and does not work," in his awareness.

     If it is abstract admiration to move to a college acquaintance or broad-mindedness then he would activate to apprehension what is demography him there and what is not. He would no best do things that do not accompany him to enlightenment. The abstraction or abstraction of "right and wrong," or "good and bad," does not avert altruism from these atrocities.

     The affair with alteration these account is that man has accustomed abroad his ability to those that created them in the first place, and is searching for them for change-it isn t happening. He has waited for millennia, and will delay for an aeon until he assuredly abstracts it out that the ability for change comes with the individual-not anyone else.

     If you accept you are aloft all of this, then you haveto authenticate it or you are just allotment of that which you despise. There are things you can do to authenticate your new truth. Of advance all that I accept said is just lip service, a concept, my own accuracy and has no acceptation to anyone else.

     If this were accepted opinion, then we would already accept apple accord and enlightenment.



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