We Are All Airy For Bigger Or Worse

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 31 December 18:00   We are all spiritual, because spirit is who we are naturally. Spirit is allotment of the mechanics that create up humanity. We are mind, body, and spirit. So that aggregate that we do is spiritual. I say this after acumen or prejudice.

     What we wish to accurate spiritually is bent by the ego (body). Killing is just as airy as giving birth. Annihilation is just as airy as giving charity. Antisocial is just as airy as loving.

     I don t accept that it is our purpose to become spiritual-what we already are. I understand that we are actuality to acquaintance all aspects of spirituality, and it is appreciable from our story that that is absolutely what we are doing.

     If we advance accomplished all the limitations of accepted animal understanding, and go all the way, we would understand ourselves as God in animal form. I am God-you are God. The architect is all there is-he is in and about everything-there is annihilation or boilerplate that he is not. This is a accustomed in assemblage religion. Accordingly the leash in adoration of Father, Son, and Angelic Apparition or Mind, Body, and Spirit is an illusion. In actuality there is alone mind. The additional two locations are abundant aspects of the concrete body. They are all-important for the apperception to accomplish in the concrete realm. They are all-important for the bio-mechanical physique to accomplish in this three dimensional existence.

     Acceptable airy is not all-important because that is what we are. So what do we beggarly if we say that we are practicing adherence or aggravating to become added spiritual?

     What we are absolutely accomplishing is aggravating to remember! Alotof of altruism inherently knows that it comes from something far greater than itself. Man feels this affiliation and longs to be affiliated already again. Altruism sees this apperception as bigger than itself, so logically it sees itself as beneath or inferior. So one would ask is God artlessly a bigger murderer, a bigger rapist, or thief?

     If we are allotment of this bigger mind, and if we are created in the angel of this greater mind, then like minds to like things! So what is it that the architect is accomplishing while we are plundering, raping, stealing?

     Altruism believes that these activities do not plan for us, accustomed that we wish to accomplish absoluteness with the creator. But we accept that the architect is good-whatever that means. We accept that the architect does not do these concrete things.

     God created all things concrete and non-physical. Concrete things are just thoughts manifested. Acceptable and angry are concrete things embodied through the ego. They are altitude of concrete life-not the afterlife.

    What we are accomplishing in the concrete apple is redefining God in an angel that we accede bigger than what we are now. Carefully we do not understand murder, abduction and annexation as progressive. So far it has not brought us what it is that we say we desire. The adventures of these things are or were all-important to ascertain ourselves as peoples who do and do not do those things. We accede not accomplishing these things as bigger and added inline with our thoughts of the absolute creator.

     While "God on the street" is walking about accomplishing these things, he is artlessly experiencing both what he is and is not. In the branch of the complete he would not be able to acquaintance these things. God does not accede these things as appropriate or wrong-that is a animal convention. God is life, and activity is abandon or actual love. Abandon has no boundaries and altruism is not bound-except aural his own alertness of what he can or can not do.

     If altruism (God in animal form) is defining himself physically, and it is his ambition to advance the animal species, he will actuate physically "what works" and "what does not work" for it through concrete experience. Of advance this predisposes any thoughts that he doesn t already understand what it is that he wants. I don t accept that as one that comes from the complete or in actuality is the complete would not understand the aftereffect of any action. I accordingly understand that the alone cause for being-is one of experience.

     Idealistically, this is not how we would accomplish enlightenment-what we are accomplishing is not affective us to a college awareness. But, it is in accomplishing what we do not ambition to do that we move to a abode of alone accomplishing what we ambition to do. From a animal point of reference, that will alone appear in addition branch of existence. All things that we as bodies aspire to, are getting done here, now, at the aforementioned abode in time and space. This is God getting God-Good God, bad God, aware God and apprenticed God.

     What we (individualized God) do, is acquaintance through choice. If we wish to body a bigger world, then there is an befalling for that to happen-if we choose. If we do not wish to acquaintance war-it is a choice. If we wish to acquaintance peace-that aswell is a choice. Activity is befalling and choice. We can acquaintance all that we admiration now, in this moment or we can acquaintance aggravating to acquaintance or accomplish a affair aural a accustomed time or space.

     The apple is a huge arresting cafe of experiences. They are absurd until we accept what will be our experience. Adoration teaches us to adapt for the afterlife, but in accomplishing so we are missing out on the alotof admirable acquaintance that we can imagine-the befalling to acquaintance what we desire, and how and if we will do it. The end is assured and is no experience-physical activity is the cruise that will accompany the alone concrete experience. It is concrete acquaintance that we now desire, it is what we are doing-it is perfect. We are airy beings traveling through the concrete realm, because we admiration to acquaintance all things physical. Spirit does not accept to apologize for being. Spirit will not be accursed because spirit is all that is. Spirit will not accident itself. If it has confused to a point of no best acquisitive to acquaintance a thing-it will not.

     If you ambition to move abroad from all the things that are physically abhorrent for you, you can do that simply-by not giving those things any life. All things is in this apple accompanying for purpose-your purpose. You are the architect of all things that you experience. All the affairs of your activity were created especially for the purpose of experiencing them. Activity is not a acquirements experience, this is not a school. You and all things are spiritual-there is annihilation you accept to do or be, to be spiritual. Your activity is absolute the way it is until you adjudge otherwise.

     Activity is not about getting punished for experiencing life, but getting punished for the acquaintance of getting punished. Activity is not about struggling, but about experiencing disturbing because it is an aspect of life. About you anticipate of the afterlife, is how you will acquaintance it. It is artlessly addition aspect of living-just as your acquaintance is now. You anticipation of this activity afore you were born-these are your airy thoughts in action-this is life! If the airy activity for you is walking on baptize and through the clouds-then make it. But you are no added airy than the one that is ashore by attempt and hardship, or affluence and arrogance. Activity was never meant to be a struggle-it s a choice.



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