Suicide Is The Couldcause Of All Afterlife

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 31 December 18:00   Afore life, the body chooses what it wants to acquaintance in the concrete world. It chooses its parents, the time and abode of bearing and it chooses the affairs time and abode of death. The body does not appear blindly to this life. It has called parents and time of bearing to best facilitate what it wants to experience.

     Afterwards bearing the body gives up ascendancy of its affairs to the will of the ego. The ego is accustomed actual abandon to accept the administration of the physique in this world. Abundant like a captain has abandon to accept the advance of a address during a voyage, with a final destination in mind. The bigger the advice amid the captain and the address s buyer as to how and area the address will end up, the added acceptable that the address will ability its destination will little difficulty.

     About if the captain is not in acquaintance with his assets for acclimate conditions, if he does not accredit to his ambit and abyssal equipment, he can be in for a long, asperous ride. During the voyage, the captain will create some decisions that will affect the all-embracing abundance and affluence of the journey. It is the buyer about that will actuate area the address assuredly ends up and if it has taken its endure voyage.

     The body is the buyer of the body. The body was created by the mind, so in actuality all there absolutely is, is the mind-the architect of all that is. The leash of mind, body and physique is absolutely an illusion-there is alone mind. The apperception uses an aspect of itself, the body to accord activity to a concrete physique to acquaintance addition aspect of concrete life.

     It is the apperception that determines bearing and death. If the apperception no best wishes to acquaintance this accurate concrete activity cycle, the body leaves the physique and it dies. This is done in complete acceding with all aspects of this activity form-mind, physique and spirit.

     All deaths are suicide in that they are not accidents, they are intentional. No one can stop the transformation of the ego aback to its antecedent already the body has absitively to leave the body. The mechanics of the physique may continue, either artificially or in a coma, but the spirit has confused on. The afterlife of the physique may not be permanent. Afterwards experiencing concrete death, the body may adjudge to acknowledgment to the physique and abide activity for its own purposes. The causes for this about-face in acquaintance may not be absolutely accepted to the ego. But his/her alertness may accept some afterthought of the transformation.

     Those that accept accomplished abreast afterlife adventures do not acquaintance their lives the aforementioned afterwards. There appears to be a change in the way the body wishes to acquaintance activity in this accurate body. The captain as it were, is accustomed altered orders and a new heading.

     Activity is advised and so is death. Suicide is never by accident-it is able-bodied anticipation out. Afterlife is a transformation from one physique to the next for causes alone accepted to the body and in a few cases for those that accept accomplished a college akin of advice with their spirit. Suicide is not a adverse accident if beheld from a position of greater acquaintance and actual love. If the physique leaves the attempt and lets go, it is the alotof admirable faculty of abandon that you can imagine. In my own activity I accept accomplished this abandon at the moment of absolution go in a drowning incident


     My benevolence goes out to the survivors larboard behind, but never to the one departed.



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