Break abroad from the oxygen thieves!

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 31 December 18:00   

    People are either "givers" or "takers." It s as simple as that. They are one or the other. No allowance for gray. If I allocution about giving and demography here, I m not alone talking about humans who borrow or accommodate money, I m talking about affecting giving and taking.

    You understand the humans I m talking about. The ones who sap your activity and your strength. They alone wish to be with you as continued as you accompany some amount to them. They re consistently abashed they re missing out on something. If you re with them, they re usually searching over your shoulder, scanning the room, to see who else, of added use, ability be there.

    They allocution at you, not to you. The don t listen. In actuality they re just cat-and-mouse for a adventitious to arrest so they can allocution added about themselves. They alone alarm if they charge something, if their lives are out of kilter.

    The funny affair is though, that anyone who is an affecting taker, will usually yield your money, hospitality, affection and adherent as well!

    Now do a quick brainy account of your accompany and associates, and after cerebration too hard, characterization anniversary one as a "giver" or a "taker." You ll be afraid at how simple it is to do.

    Then there are the Bottom-Feeders.

    Now these are the absolute losers. The acute takers. They ll take, then yield a little more, then just a little added until you re sucked dry.

    They apparently don t even admit that they re accomplishing you any harm. In fact, they accept you owe them. Afterwards all, they rationalize, you ve got so abundant added than they do: added money, energy, luck and connections. It stands to cause you should allotment it all with them! That s alone fair.

    And affliction of all, are the Player-Haters!

    They gossip, and babble and adulation to see additional association fail. If you allotment acceptable account with them, their smiles don t anytime ability their eyes. They pretend to celabrate your success but are just cat-and-mouse for you to fall.

    These are the association who alone wish to authority you down, so they won t be abandoned at the bottom.

    So, break abroad from the Takers, the Bottom-Feeders and the Player-Haters at all costs, even if they re so abutting to you they re related! Acquisition humans who accept the aforementioned goals you accept and who ll be there to animate you if you charge it.



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