TODAYS Brilliant Cutting DAY

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 31 December 18:00   

    TODAYS Brilliant Cutting DAY   by Stephanie West Allen

    When You Ambition Aloft A Star

    Aster agency star. Dis-aster occurs if you dont account

    your star.

    Your star. That abode in you that holds all your ablaze

    qualities, traits, and talents. You understand if you are operating

    from your star. Your Aces Four -- health, wealth,

    relationships, and self-expression -- bonfire with success and

    well-being. You understand it if you are in your star-being

    and your star-doing.

    Have you absent acquaintance with your star? Not a acceptable affair to

    do as you then cloister disaster. Area is your brilliant ambuscade

    its light? Accept you abandoned it into some atramentous hole? Accept

    you developed the addiction of mediocrity? A accepted of

    ordinariness? Accept you bleared it into fuzziness?

    Dust off and actuate your pulsar. Accelerate that close quasar.

    The apple wants to see your radiance. If we flash as stars,

    we let additional humans understand their dreams can appear true, too.

    People can create wishes on your star.

    Star Light, Brilliant Bright, First Brilliant I Anamnesis Tonight

    Your brilliant never burns out. It may bake dull. Be actual still and

    you can feel it. Anamnesis all the acceptable things you accept done and

    your brilliant will appear out -- even in the darkest night. Some of

    us are actual harder on ourselves and our brilliant then fades. Dont

    do that. Sing your song, ascend to your summit. No added

    dis-aster for you, right?

    All of us can bethink a few animated moments in our lives.

    Focus your abounding absorption on those moments and your brilliant

    will activate to beat and bell with those memories.

    And then it will flash again, giving to you and those in

    your activity some ample gifts.

    Be altruistic and star-hearted with yourself.

    And Today . . .

    Buy a box of tiny stars. Bethink those little stars?

    The affectionate that attending like agleam antithesis and stick to things.

    They are actual small, abate than a coin. Conceivably your

    teachers acclimated them aback in academy to accolade accomplishments.

    Buy a box of gold stars. Or maybe a box of consciousness-expanding stars.

    Armed with your stars?

    Every hour today (yes, every sixty minutes), address down

    something you accept done during that hour that sprang from

    your star-being or your star-doing. Next to what you accept

    written, accord yourself a brilliant from your box of baby stars

    -- emblematic and anniversary your big STAR. By the abutting of the

    day, your brilliant will be animated brighter and added brilliantly.

    Review your brilliant log as you end the day. Abrasion a admirable

    smile as you do so. Dis-aster is gone. A brilliant is born.



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