Vedic Numerology VIII

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 31 December 18:00   Vedic Numerology - Assignment 8

    In college states of Consciousness, some accurate and abstract truths

    were cognised by the sages of India. They wrote it down and these came

    to be accepted as the Vedas. Sciences like Astronomy, Mathematics,

    Astrology, Numerology, Gemology -- accept their agent in this Encyclopaedia

    of the abstract Sciences, the Vedas. By Vedas no books are meant.

    They are the angelic truths cognised by Seers and which can be cognised

    by anyone who breed the aforementioned airy discipline.

    Effects of Fadic Amount Eight

    If the Eigthian is YOU!

    ( Fadic Amount is the amount got afterwards abacus all the digits absolute your

    date of bearing ).

    Your Numerological Amount is 8 and your Activity Controller

    is Saturn. Humans misunderstand them and because of that

    they ache mentally and become loners. They are humans with

    great individuality and abyss in learning. If religious they

    will yield to Adoration in a abundant manner. In adjustment to win arg-

    uments they abort the action verbally and make a lot

    of abstruse enemies.

    They accept abundant accord for the afflicted and appearance a lot

    of apathy and abridgement of enthusiasm. They are extremists; that

    is they are either actual acknowledged or abundant failures. There

    is no average advance for them. These humans consistently aspire for

    greatness, strive for administration and cede their personal

    comforts to advance the top posts becoming by them as a resu-

    lt of their arduous endeavours. Anyhow 8 is not a advantageous nu-

    mber; they will accept to buck abundant ills, losses and humiliati-

    ons.The age-old Greeks alleged this amount the Amount of Just-


    Their best canicule are 8 17 & 26. If 4 13 22 31 accompany with

    Saturday Sunday & Monday these canicule become actual auspicious

    Their best jewel is Dejected Sapphire.It is actual acceptable for them if

    they abrasion this stone.

    The amount 8 is create up of two circles and is the sum of 2

    4 s. This was advised to be the abundant accommodation of Universal

    Law which rules contest and individuals. Saturn is aswell known

    as the Planet of Destiny. It has relevence to both material

    and airy aspects of Life. Revolution, Chaos earthqua-

    kes and all sorts of angry and aberrant contest are represented

    by this number. On the additional duke Philosophy, Religious Fer-

    vour, One-pointedness of Mind, assurance - all these are

    also represented by this number.They feel that they are diff-

    erent from the blow and accordingly unique. They abridgement happiness

    People consistently misunderstand them. They aswell abort to acquire the

    good accomplishments they accept done in this life. But even then they

    are admired afterwards a continued time.

    George Bernard Shaw, Baron Alphonsa of Spain & Queen Mary were

    born like you beneath this amount and it will not be suprising

    if anyone identifies agnate characteristics in you.

    More superior advice about Astro-Numerology and a chargeless Astro-

    Numerological Address can be had from

    Personality Overview


    Controller of Activity - SATURN

    You are disqualified by the belted planet Saturn. He is the planet

    of Justice, Afterlife and Retribution. He represents destruct-

    ion and regeneration. Abundant backbone and backbone are im-

    parted by him. This blue planet is amenable for the

    verdict imposed by Destiny.

    As you are acid (melancholic) by temparament you will

    be admiring to abstract and Philosophy. Abundant poets and

    literatuers consistently had a acid accomplishments (Dante and Shaw)

    Concentration and ambition are represented by Saturn.

    Contemplative Activity will blot you in its entirety.

    You are air-conditioned and analytic if it comes to rational think-

    ing. You are aswell a adept area accuracy and business ins-

    ight is alleged for.

    Your abstract angle on activity will save you from many

    worries and anxieties.

    Your capital check is that you become too bleak ignoring

    the ability of free-will.

    You are consistently blurred by others. You endorse the prin-

    ciple " to be abundant is to be blurred ".

    You consistently backpack your cantankerous canonizing yourself to the Div-

    ine even if the adjudication of men and Fate go adjoin you. Your

    life is consistently apparent by affray and struggle.

    Even if you become acknowledged you accept to pay a abundant price

    for it. You accept to reside arduous canicule to attain acclaim and name.

    In Vedic Astrometry Saturn is the significator of Affliction of the Cosmic

    Man, the affliction inherent in the act of Manifestation. He is aswell the

    Mokshkaraka or significator of Liberation. Forth with Jupiter and Ketu ,

    Saturn play a promiment allotment in the built-in attaining to


    A effectively posited Saturn is bigger from the angle of

    Nirvana. Saturn rules over three constellations of the Sidereal

    Zodiac, Basin Cancri ( Pushya), Basin Scorpii ( Anuradha ), Gamma

    Pegasi & Alpha Andromeda ( Utharabhadra ).

    More superior advice about Vedic Astrometry & an Astrological

    Analysis can be had from

    An Analytic Review


    The zodiac assurance apery this amount is Capricorn.

    ( Do not abash this with the birthsign in Astrometry )

    Capricornians are about philosophers. They adulation the secr-

    ets of Attributes and are accessible to cede their activity for their

    chosen ideology.

    Capricornians are fatalists. They accept that everthing is

    divinely advancing and all contest accept a purpose abaft it.

    Amor fati ( Adulation of Fate ) is the amount of their nature.

    People beneath the access of this afterlife are great

    democrats and accept in the address of labour.

    In a activity apparent by attempt and adversity the backbone of

    the Capricornian is absolutely surprising. Abnegation is another

    virtue imparted by this constellation.

    Negative Aspect


    Saturn is the planet of adversity and he can create you carry

    the cantankerous for a diffuse time. He will analysis your patience. He can

    create obstacles and hindrances and barriers to success create you




    Neelanjana Samanabham

    Raviputram Yamagrajam

    Chaya Marthanda Sambhootham

    Tham Namami Sanaishwaram

    This mantra if recited 108 times circadian can area off the afflictions

    arising from Saturn. This is the moola sloka of Saturn.

    In Vedic Gemology, Saturn represents Dejected Sapphire.( Saner Neelam).

    Wearing this rock on a Shukla Paksha Saturday ( fifteen canicule after

    the New Moon ) will enhance the luck of the Eightians.

    Lucky Colour Aphotic Blue

    Lucky Rock Dejected Sapphire

    Lucky Canicule of the Anniversary Saturday

    Lucky Day 17 8 26

    Lucky Ages June

    If you abrasion these stones and colours as per the dictums

    of Vedic Numerology you angle to account a abundant accord as

    the baleful application of planets are neutrallised by gems.

    More advice about All-embracing Gemology & a Chargeless Gem Prescription

    Report can be had from

    In Abstruse Aesthetics the Amount Eight is advised actual sacred.

    In Indian Mythology, there are Ashta Aishwaryas( eighfold prosperity).

    Wisdom is prosperity, abundance is prosperity,courage is prosperity, children

    represent abundance etc Ashta Vasus represent the eightfold prosperity.

    This is aswell the apologue abaft Ashta Lakshmi.( the eight aspects of the

    Goddess of Prosperity).

    Yoga is eightfold - Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana,

    Dhyana & Samadhi. Yama and Niyama accord with rules and regulations , Asana

    deals with concrete fitness, Pranayama is animation control, Pratyahara is

    withdrawal into the Cocky from the acoustic world, Dharana is Concentration,

    Dhyana is Brainwork and Samadhi is Catholic Consciousness.

    More advice about Abstruse Aesthetics & Yoga can be

    had from

    Astronumerology as accompanying to Adoration & Philosophy

    Saturnine Access on Jesus

    Jesus was built-in with Virgo rising, Jupiter, Moon and Saturn in Pisces,

    indicating the Messiah accommodating to buck the Cantankerous of Golgotha. His number

    was 888 which if added gives us 24 and 2+4 = 6, the amount of Venus,

    the planet of Love. The astrologer of Adulation was absolutely the apotheosis of

    the goddess of Love, Venus. Saturn, the significator of affliction and

    liberation,along with Jupiter angry in Him the admiration to redeem the

    world through Accepted Love. His adversity activity & affliction all smacks

    of Acid influence. Additional all-powerful personalities - Tagore, Aurobindo &

    Vivekananda aswell had a abstruse Acid access in their natal


    In the next commodity we will accord with the Nineians - those who are disqualified by

    the planet of achievement or Man, Mars.



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