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 31 December 18:00   Vedic Numerology - Assignment 4

    Vedic Numerology, the absolute amalgam amid Astrometry and Numerology

    deals with the accord amid the nine revolving blast & the nine

    numbers. It aswell deals with the aftereffect of some Numbers- the Fadic Number,

    the Name Amount and the Bearing Amount and the accumulated Fadic, Name

    and Bearing Numbers.The Pythagorean Law of Beating states that anniversary number

    has a accurate vibration.

    Four - disqualified by the Ascendance Bulge or the Arctic Bulge of the Moon, Rahu

    In Astronomy, the two algebraic credibility area the orbits of the Moon

    and the Sun bisect are alleged Ascendance Bulge ( Arctic Bulge ) &

    Descending Bulge ( South Node), Rahu & Ketu.( The orbits of the Sun &

    the Moon alter by 8 degrees ). They are not absolute planets but are shadowy

    planets. They are important determinants of behaviour. In Sidereal Astrology

    great accent is absorbed to the Nodal Arbor which becomes the axis of

    the horoscope. In Belief ( which is emblematic and allegorical ), Rahu &

    Ketu are characterised as demons as both these atramentous planets are natural

    malefics. Rahu resembles Saturn & Ketu,Mars.

    Four is not advised to be a actual advantageous amount as it is disqualified by a


    Effects of Fadic Amount Four

    If the Fourian is YOU!

    ( Fadic Amount is the amount got afterwards abacus all the digits absolute your

    date of bearing ).

    Your Numerological Amount is 4 disqualified by the Moon s Ascendance Node,

    Rahu.The appearance of the Fourians is different & accepted alone to themselves.

    They appearance all things from a absolutely altered bend as against to the

    ordinary humans who appearance aggregate from a accepted angle. In every

    argument they altercate from the adverse ancillary and because of this tendency

    they accretion a lot of abstruse enemies. They abhorrence all laws and legal

    frameworks & abort all such laws. They argue the rulers & always

    establish their own kingdoms and republics. They consistently accept in the

    freedom of announcement & opinion. They are the humans who are built-in on 4

    13 22 & 31 They do not create accompany easily. Humans with numbers 1 2

    7 & 8 allure them. The Fourians do not accomplish in the branch of material

    prosperity like the others. If they save money or create money the way they

    use it will astonish everybody. From June 21 to July 21 and July 22 to

    the end of August is the best time for the assembly of their efforts.

    Their advantageous canicule are Saturday Sunday Monday . If these canicule coincide

    with the 4 13 22 31 1 2 7 10 11 16 19 20 25 28 29 these canicule will

    be the alotof auspicious.

    Their capital drawbacks are that they are loners afar from this world

    and because of that agony and blackout will result.

    Your advantageous Rock Hessonite

    Your Advantageous Day Saturday

    Your Advantageous Ages April

    Your advantageous dates 4 13 22 & 31

    Your advantageous Colour Black

    Martin Luther George Washington Aristocrat Byron and Faraday were born

    under this number.

    More superior advice about Astro-Numerology and a chargeless Astro-

    Numerological Address can be had from

    Personality Overview


    Controller of Activity - Moon s Ascendance Node

    You are controlled by the Moon s Ascendance Node, Rahu. Those under

    the access of Rahu are consistently advancing in angle and appear up

    financially. They do not alternate to apply agency that are not above

    board to accomplish their objectives. Their business acumen & foresight

    always pay affluent dividends.They are actual businesslike in angle and

    are added applied than theoretical.

    You are subjected to fits of bliss and dejection. Ambiguity always

    upsets you.

    In money affairs also, ups and downs are indicated. You have

    tremendous entreprenauership or adventurousness adeptness which is

    needed in business.

    Rahu is a planet which can accord crores and success in speculation

    & bank are indicated.

    Since you are aboveboard and abrupt some abstruse enemies are ge-

    nerated. Your adeptness to altercate logically will abash alotof people.

    You will be a arguable amount because you adulation to destroy

    darkness, ageism and ignorance.

    Never affective abroad from the aisle you accept called with a fanatical

    zeal you consistently advance your way to your called aim.

    In Vedic Astrology, if appropriately posited, Rahu is the bestower of Wealth.

    He is aswell accepted as the Mokshakaraka. He is the planet of gambling,

    speculation & accession and if effectively posited in one s natal blueprint can

    give immense wealth. The abundance so accomplished may not be create through

    legal means. Budgetary asset due to lottery, stock-exchange and

    jackpot is attributed to Rahu. He rules over three constellations of the

    Sidereal Zodiac - Alpha Orionis( Aridra), Alpha Bootis(Swati) & Lamda


    More superior advice about Vedic Astrometry & an Astrological

    Analysis can be had from

    An Analytic Review


    The zodiacal assurance apery this amount is Aquarius. (Do not

    confuse this with the bearing assurance in Astrometry ). Those disqualified by this

    sign are consistently lovers of the animal race. But they will never get back

    what they give.

    They are generally blurred . They are consistently sufferers al ways

    plagued by one problem or the other. Even if they accomplish success

    they accept to pay a abundant amount for it. "Success exacts a abundant price"

    is true of them.

    Aquarians are about abandoned people. They are loners wanting

    to move abroad from this madding crowd. They consistently feel that justice

    is denied to them.

    In Astrometry Aquarius is the alone assurance not accustomed by the Masters.

    But admitting this it has some additional points.

    Great backbone and backbone are apparent by the humans born

    under the access of this number. Aloofness backbone and indifference

    are the virtues accruing from it.

    Regarding bloom these humans consistently are subjected to unknown

    diseases. They are aswell subjected to thoughts of melancholy. Anaemia

    mental astriction backache cephalalgia and eye troubles are common.

    Fruits and alleviative leaves best ill-fitted for them are appearance and

    ocimum sanctum( candied basil). They accretion a lot due to electric therapy

    and hypnotism. They should abdicate top cholesterol containing

    stuffs like meat and eggs. They should bouncer adjoin diseases during

    the months of January Febraury August July & September. They may

    experience changes in bloom during the ages of 13 22 31 40 49 58

    and 67.

    Negative Aspect


    You may be decumbent to acrimony as Rahu is an damaging planet. Acrimony is

    said to be man s greatest enemy. If you abort anger, you become

    the " Self-Actualising Being of Abraham Maslow active in the widest

    possible anatomy of reference."



    Ardhakayam Mahaveeram

    Chandradithya Vimardhanam

    Simhika Garbha Sambhootam

    Tham Rahum pranamamyaham

    This mantra if recited 108 times circadian can advise constancy and fortune.

    This is the moola Sloka of Rahu.

    In Vedic Gemology, Rahu represents Hessonite. Cutting this stone

    on a Shukla Paksha Saturday ( fifteen canicule afterwards the New Moon ) will enhance

    the luck of the Fourians. The Sanskrit text, The Jataka Chandrika assigns

    Hessonite to Rahu .

    More advice about All-embracing Gemology & a Chargeless Gem Prescription

    Report can be had from

    In Abstruse Aesthetics the Amount Four is advised actual sacred.

    Transcendental Alertness is accepted as the Fourth or Tureeya.

    Transcending the three about states of Alertness - the waking,

    the absent and the dreamless beddy-bye - is the All-powerful Transcendental

    Consciousness which can be accomplished via Yoga. In Yogic Psychology

    the fourth aspect of the Apperception is the Superconscious Apperception ( the additional three

    being Conscious, Hidden and Unconscious). The Superconscious

    is the foundation of the Apperception and not the Hidden as believed by

    modern psychologists.

    The Indian sages talked about the Fourfold Veds. Yogas are Four!

    In Western Astrometry The Fourth Abode is the IC , the Imum Coeli, an

    important house. This, they say, is the antecedent of the Subconscious


    Mythologic Story

    One able demon drank the ambrosia of Immortality. This was reported

    by the Sun and the Moon to Aristocrat Vishnu. He acclimated the all-powerful discus and

    cut the demon into two. The arch of the demon became Rahu and the

    tail Ketu accepted as Caput Draconis and Cauda Draconis in Latin.

    Astronomical symbology has it that Vishnu is the apogee of the apple known

    as the Amphitheater and the demons, the Arctic & South Nodes of the Moon.

    In his book " De Sapientia Vaterum " ( The Acumen of the Ancients ) ,

    Bacon opined that accurate truths are independent in myths!

    In the next commodity we will accord with the Fivians - who are disqualified by the

    Number 5 and by Mercury, the bookish planet accepted as Hermes

    in Grecian Belief and Budha in Indian Mythology.



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