Vedic Numerology III

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 31 December 18:00   Vedic Numerology - Assignment 3

    Vedic Numerology, the absolute affinity amid the science of Numbers and

    the Acumen of the Blast was accomplished in the West by Pythagoras and by

    Vararuchi in the East. To Pythagorus the abstruseness of the Cosmos was

    intercomprehensible in the Angle of the Number. The belletrist 0 to 9 are

    numbers and Beyond was authentic as a Bags Number. Philosophically,

    when we say aggregate is Unity, we are talking about Numbers or that

    "Infinity is the alpha of all things" , we are talking about Numbers!

    Three - disqualified by the All-powerful Abbot of the Solar Logos, Jupiter

    Jupiter is advised to be a absolute advantageous in Astrology. He

    is so ample and abundant that 1300 earths can be fit into

    him. If able-bodied posited in a division in one s natal chart, he can

    give all-powerful aegis to the native.

    Effects of Fadic Amount Three

    ( Fadic Amount is the amount got afterwards abacus all the digits absolute your

    date of bearing ).

    If the Threeian is YOU!

    Your Numerological Amount is 3 and your Activity Controller

    is the all-powerful planet Jupiter. This acumen planet has all

    to do with trinities & trilogies. They are actual friendly

    with 6 and 9.

    They consistently aspire for abundance as they can never be

    satisfied with alive beneath a shadow. They wish to co-

    ntrol others. They are ascetic and bright in the imple-

    mentation of their duties and responsibilities. They love

    ve conduct . They obey the Law and create others obey

    the Law. The Jupiterians consistently acceleration top in Fleet Army

    and administration. As they apparatus their duties reli-

    giously they flash in about all realms area sincerity

    and albatross are alleged for. Their check is

    that as they are adherent to the Law they force their

    ideals on others. Even admitting they are not quarrelsome

    they make a lot of enemies. They are appreciative and vain-

    glorious. They will not serve others. They are annoyed

    at the aboriginal adversity. They use 3 12 21 and 30

    for the assembly of their efforts.

    Their advantageous canicule are Thursday Friday and Tuesday.

    If these canicule accompany with 3 12 21 30 6 9 15 18 24 27

    these dates become fortunate.

    They are actual affable with 6 and 9.

    Shakespeare, Aristocrat Russel, Winston Churchill and George

    the Fifth were built-in beneath this number.

    More superior advice about Astro-Numerology and a chargeless Astro-

    Numerological Address can be had from

    Personality Overview


    Controller of Activity - JUPITER

    You are controlled by the better planet in the Solar

    system, Jove or Jupiter. As per Plato he represents

    the august Self, that is Wisdom. He is the greatest ben-

    efic in the abstruse hierarchy. He represents the

    spiritual, the ethical and the artful aspects of


    As you are afflicted by Jove, Jovian qualities will be

    predominant in you. Jovian qualities are benevolence lo-

    ve for all mankind, adherence to adviser & God, love

    of Knowledge, scholarship & claimed magnetism. Perso-

    nal Allure is actual acceptable in business and you will shi-

    ne like the autocrat of the sky in the business sphere.

    Handsomeness is his addition virtue.

    You will be able to allocution your way to the top as you got

    fine communicative ability. Address is one of the arts

    represented by Jupiter.

    You will be able to win a lot of accompany and influence

    people easily. You will be able-bodied admired by the association as

    you are a man with appropriate virtues.

    Scholarship will adroitness you in no ambiguous way. You will

    be abreast in some capacity irrespective of the

    knowledge you accept in your profession.

    Oversentimentalism is your drawback. You should be very

    careful about assertive the words of people. As you are

    frank blue-blooded and tender-hearted you accept a addiction to

    speak out openly. This appropriate may be exploited

    by acute people.

    In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter represents the aristocratic Cocky & Complete Knowledge

    ( All-powerful Acumen ). He is the indicator of All-powerful Grace. He represents all

    sciences and all arts as Ability is all-powerful in character. He represents

    Happiness, Acquirements & Wisdom. . He rules over three constellations of the

    Sidereal Zodiac - Alpha and Beta Geminorum ( Punarvasu), Alpha Librae

    (Visakha) & Alpha and Beta Pegasi (Poorvabhadrapada).

    More superior advice about Vedic Astrometry & an Astrological

    Analysis can be had from

    An Analytic Review


    Zodiac Assurance - Sagittarius

    The zodiac assurance apery this amount is the divine

    Sagittarius. ( Do not abash this with the Birth

    sign in Astrometry ). It is a aggressive assurance indicating

    a man captivation bows and arrows. Its acceptation is that

    life will be abounding of enemies and that you may be lack-

    ing in brainy accord and beatitude of the afraid man who

    acquiesces in angry forces.

    Sagittarians are basically God fearing people. Their

    love of Attributes and asceticism angle out as outsta-

    nding characteristics.

    Sagittarians about tend appear spirituality.

    They are consistently acid into the mysteries of life

    and consistently try to acquisition an acknowledgment to the riddle of


    Sagittarians adulation both the angelic and the terrestrial.

    They consistently bang a via media amid materialism

    and spirituality.

    Blood burden and diseases of the digestive tract

    may affect you during average age. The addiction to

    obesity should be checked.

    Negative Aspect


    You may become too abstracted if applied activity needs

    some business acumen and foresight.Your acceptable airy makes

    you backpack the cantankerous of the Redeemer. You may accept to yield up

    other s sins for redemption.



    Devanam cha Rishinam cha

    Gurum Kanchana Sannibham

    Buddhibhootham Thrilokesam

    Tham Namami Brahaspathim

    This sloka if recited 108 times can area off the afflictions of

    Jupiter. This is the moola sloka of Jupiter.

    In Vedic Gemology, Jupiter represents Aureate Topaz. Cutting this stone

    on a Shukla Paksha Monday ( fifteen canicule afterwards the New Moon ) will enhance

    the luck of the Threeians. The Sanskrit text, The Jataka Chandrika assigns

    Topaz to Jupiter ( Devejyasya cha Pyshyaragam ) Thursday is the day of

    Thor or Jupiter (from the Latin Iovis dies & the Sanskrit Brihaspativar ).

    More advice about All-embracing Gemology & a Chargeless Gem Prescription

    Report can be had from

    In Abstruse Aesthetics the Amount Three is advised actual sacred.

    Absolute Getting is authentic as Existence- Alertness - Approbation ( Sat -

    Chit - Ananda ). The Trinitarian Accord is accent in both Hinduism and

    Christianity. (Om,Tat, Sat & Father, Son, the Angelic Ghost) . In Freudian

    Psycho-Analysis, Apperception is an Activity Alignment create up of 3 factors - Id,

    Ego and Superego. In Vedanta, the 3 Gunas create up Nature!( Satwas, Rajas

    & Thamas). Holistic Anesthetic or AyurVeda is congenital aloft the approach of the 3

    humours (Vata, Pitta & Kapha). Transactional Assay deals with Parent-

    Adult-Child blueprint and Attitude deals with the three levels of the Mind

    (Conscious,Sub-conscious & Unconscious).Dante s All-powerful Ball is divided

    into 3 portions - The Inferno,Purgatorio & Paradiso!

    In the next commodity we will accord with the Fourians - who are disqualified by the

    Number Four and by the Moon s Ascendance Bulge ( Rahu ).



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