Vedic Numerology I

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 31 December 18:00   Vedic Numerology - Assignment 1

    In the West Pythagorus apparent the the Law of Vibration.

    This Law states that anniversary amount has a accurate vibration. Astro-Numerology is the amalgam of Astrometry and Numerology, the absolute affiliation amid the Science of the Blast and the Science of Numbers!

    The nine numbers accord to the nine planets in Astrology.

    One represents the luminary SUN

    Two represents the luminary MOON

    Three represents the planet JUPITER

    Four represents the planet RAHU

    Five represents the planet MERCURY

    Six represents the planet VENUS

    Seven represents the planet KETU

    Eight represents the planet SATURN

    Nine represents the planet MARS

    We will ascertain Ketu and Rahu. They are the Nodes of the Moon. The Moon s Ascendance Bulge is Rahu and the Bottomward Bulge is Ketu. The apogee of the Sun and the Moon bisect at two credibility and they are these Nodes. Back now we understand which planet represents which number, let us analyse the altered backdrop of the nine abject numbers

    The abstraction of the Fadic Amount

    If you add up all the digits which comprise your date of bearing eg -( 23/06/1955 = 2+3+0+6+1+9+5+5 = 31, 3+1 = 4 ) you get the accumulated Fadic Amount . Actuality in this archetype it is 31 . 3 additional 1 = 4. So 4 is the Fadic Amount Acquisition out the Fadic Amount of the being concerned. There are furnishings for both Fadic and the Accumulated Fadic Numbers.

    Once you acquisition the Fadic Amount of the person, understand that that being will accept the characteristics of the planet apery that Number. Now we are giving actuality the furnishings for Unitarians, who are disqualified by the Amount ONE.


     ONE - Disqualified BY THE Baron OF THE SOLAR LOGOS, THE SUN

    More superior advice about Astro-Numerology and a chargeless Astro-

    Numerological Address can be had from

    These are the solar characteristics

    This amount is the average and the centre of all numbers. This amount represents all that is created and the arresting Actuality. Individuals built-in beneath this amount aspire for abundance in no ambiguous way. Basically artistic and artistic humans accepting abundant boldness and individuality humans built-in beneath this amount are bent and affianced in blue-blooded activities. These qualities will is in no ambiguous amount in those who are built-in on dates 1 10 19 28 etc. These qualities will be awful apparent in those built-in in the ages if the Sun is in the accomplished astral position. (From Advance 21 to April 28 ). Bodies built-in beneath this amount always

    rise top in their corresponding professions. To accomplish the summum bonum the accomplished altaltissimo in their profession is their capital objective. Whatever be their acreage they consistently assure their ascendancy and the wishes of their subordinates.

    They consistently use their canicule ( 1 10 19 28 ) for the accomplishing of their artistic plans. They are actual affable with humans whose numbers are 2 4 and 7. (With humans whose birthdays are 2 4 7 11 13 16 20 22 25 29 and 31). The advantageous canicule are Sunday and Monday.

    If the numbers 2 4 7 11 13 16 20 22 25 29 31 coincides with these canicule that canicule plan will be awful fruitful.

    Alexander the Abundant Charles the First James the First Aristocrat Wellington and Emperor Paul of Russia were built-in beneath the access of this number.

    Personality Overview


    Controller of Activity - SUN

     It is the alotof able luminary in built-in strength. It is one of the anatomic luminaries and is the Baron in the Government of the Almighty. Appropriately all august qualities are attributed to this luminary.

    If the Unitarian - disqualified by the amount One - is you!

    You are absorbed in the analytic Science s. You are added alive than contemplative.

    You are august in angle and consistently accept a businesslike access to life. You are added applied than sentimental.

    You may be not acknowledged in the worldy apple as you are not abundant absorbed to abundance and possessions. You are not abundant accurate about spending

    You are aboveboard and outspoken. Because of that you accomplish some abstruse enemies. But they will consistently alarming you because of your inherent accomplished qualities.

    The Sun represents Abstemiousness the greatest of all the seven basal virtues. This superior will be absolute in you. As this advantage predominates in you humans will honour and account you even during adversity.

    An Analytic Review


    The zodiac assurance apery this amount is Leo. (Dont abash this with the bearing assurance in Astrology). Humans built-in beneath this zodiacal afterlife are absolutely leonine and overactive. August in angle and adventuresome in attributes Leoninians consistently advance their way to the top. If the Sun is acerb positioned in their horoscopes they will absolutely get affairs to display their august valour.

    People accede you adventurous and ambitious. The Sun represents Backroom the Science of the state. The Solarians are usually politically acquainted and politically oriented. If these humans are built-in in amid Advance 21 to April 28 ( viz - if the Sun is in a accompaniment of abysmal acclaim ) their animated in political acreage will become a active reality.

    You can apprehend political achievement if the Sun transits favourable credibility like Advance 21 to April 28 and August 16 to Sept 16. Your capital check is that you jump into things after abundant aforethought . You should apprentice to persevere rather than quit.

    Patience is addition advantage which you should incorporate.

    Regarding diseases the alotof acceptable ache which may affect the Solarians is the ache of the heart. Claret burden is aswell another. Eye troubles are aswell indicated. Their best fruits and alleviative leaves are broiled grapes absurd orange auto and ginger. They should yield in honey. They should yield affliction of their bloom at the ages 19 28 37 55 & 64. They should bouncer adjoin illhealth and balance exercise during the months of October December & January.

    Negative Aspect


    The Solarians are decumbent to abrupt anger. Acrimony is said to be man s greatest enemy. Sun is advised to be a accustomed baleful in Astrology. You may allow in Backroom & its abrogating aspect manifests as abridgement of brainy accord and happiness.



    Japa Kusuma Sankasham

     Kashyapeyam Mahadyuthim

    Thamognam Sarvapapagnam

    Pranathosmi Divakaram

    This mantra if recited 108 times circadian can neutrallise the abrogating radiations of the Sun. In the next commodity we will accord with the Twoians - who are disqualified by the Amount Two ( Moon).



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