Accurate prints as a Feng Shui Cure

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 31 December 18:00   Accurate prints as a Feng Shui Cure Absorb © 2005 Sue Kennedy Dejected Eyes Photography

     Apparently, blooming is the important colour for interiors this year. Blooming symbolises attributes and psychologically it calms us, as does blue.

    Its all about agreeable living, and as my photographs are generally declared as such, it got me cerebration about the time I had a Feng Shui Consultation, and the adviser recommended that I acclimated my own affected accurate prints as Feng Shui Cures. So I did! Accepting now confused in my new flat I accept been cerebration added and added about Feng Shui - the abstraction of how to align your amplitude to enhance your activity already again.

    It is accessible for a book or photograph to move us, to accept an affecting impact, to activity our senses. In Feng Shui art serves some purposes - it can accompany absolute activity to a blocked entry, animate a asleep space, add the colour bare to antithesis activity and about makes us feel better.

    When we adulation the section of art we are searching at, is if it is an able Feng Shui cure - art can change the activity in any space. If you are active with a section of art that doesnt address to you, then it will accept the adverse effect. It may be a section of art you bought if you were at a altered date of your life, and now you accept confused on. Or it may represent the adverse of your goals.

    Over time I acknowledge Ive approved alotof of the enhancements or cures, for archetype placed crystals, wind angelus & plants in assertive locations. As able-bodied as using my own prints, Ive decluttered, practised affirmations and about austere my amplitude to animate activity to flow.

    Feng shui has assuredly aggressive some of my compositions, even admitting I alone accept a accepted compassionate of it. I compose and shoot in acclimate altitude which for me after-effects in an angel which I accept seen, but which an green eye may accept looked at, but not seen.

    I generally accept movement in my pictures for example, which is a aftereffect of a continued acknowledgment time rather than bribery on the computer. I generally shoot at first light, for the bright ablaze and admirable colours - conceivably thats why my photographs are admired as adequate and tranquil, because thats about how I feel at that time of the day.

    Feng shui, in Chinese, actually translates to wind water. Wind, the concealed force of natures - your close apple of thoughts and feelings. Water, a arresting force of attributes - represents your alien world. The accord amid the two is key.

    Feng Shui observes your ambiance and is talking to you all the time, although sometimes we are dark to our ambience and to what it is cogent our hidden mind, and then we acquisition what we dont wish or charge manifesting in our lives.

    There are some means to enhance your ambiance and adorning art featuring baptize and moods is just one.

    How a section of art makes you feel is one affair - if the activity is acceptable then the Feng Shui should be acceptable as a result. About it aswell works on additional levels too - for archetype if the photograph is predominately one colour, then it will arise the aspect associated with that colour.

    There are 5 elements; baptize (black & aphotic colours), copse (greens & blues), metal (white & pastels), blaze (reds) & apple (yellows & apple tones) if one aspect dominates you then its not acceptable - antithesis is essential.

    When you analysis the capacity of your active amplitude you accept to accede things that are create out of the elements themselves, additional the colours associated with anniversary element, as able-bodied as what your artwork is assuming - such as adulterated cosmos and then amount out what is hardly represented or assertive your active amplitude afore you can even anticipate about area things are placed in the room.

    It isnt about a one off tidy up, get rid of aggregate you dont charge anymore approach. To be able it needs to be an intentional, advancing ascertainment and accessory of your surroundings.

    It is sometimes chilling just how the problems & challenges that we face in activity can associate with the way our homes are laid out. And this infact applies as abundant to your close apple - your attitude and character, as it does your alien environment.



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