A Valentine Abruptness

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 31 December 18:00   It s Valentine s Day in the year 1994. A day for romantics and lovers to be together. However, my wife Debra and I had a problem.

    She was alive in Sacramento, California accomplishing a photo shoot for a archive copywriting job she had. It was declared to be for two canicule and she would be home for Valentine s Day. But it ran overtime and she had to break in Sacramento for Valentine s Day and the day after.

    Debra had not told me area she was blockage or working. I had no abode or blast number, and this was in the canicule afore she had a corpuscle phone. I don t understand Sacramento at all. My alone acquaintance of it was I had apprenticed through it on the freeway a few times on my way to Basin Tahoe. It s a ample city-limits with a citizenry of about one actor or so. I didn t even accept a city-limits map.

    Despite all these credible barriers and difficulties, I absitively that I would be with Debra today. She is my Valentine and I wish to be with her.

    The accommodation was actual clear: I m traveling to be with Debra today.

    I got into my little barter and artlessly collection the ninety afar to Sacramento. While active I anticipation to myself, "This is silly, I don t even understand area she is in Sacramento." I shoved this anticipation abreast and artlessly advised to drive area she was.

    "Sacramento, next 22 exits," apprehend the sign. Which avenue should I take? Absolutely clearly, I got "Take the third exit."

    I took the third avenue and create two rights and a larboard into a ample parking lot. I didn t understand area I was. It didn t matter, though. At that moment, Debra absolved appropriate in foreground of my car! She had just accomplished her photo shoot and had apprenticed aback to her hotel, accessible for dinner. So I took her to a nice adventurous restaurant.

    At dinner, Debra asked, "How did you acquisition me? I didn t accord you the abode or buzz amount or anything."

    I replied, "It s Valentine s Day. I capital to be with you so I collection to area you were."

    Then I gave her a big grin. A bright ambition can plan wonders.



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