A Medical Cure begin by Limited Examination & My endure I bet you deceit Limited Appearance it bet!

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 31 December 18:00    A Medical Cure begin by Limited Examination & My endure "I bet you can t Limited Appearance it" bet! by By John L. Turner, M.D. Acoustic Surgeon

    My Endure "I Bet You Can t Limited Appearance it" Bet!

    In December I was at the mid point of my TRV training with Joni Dourif. Above-mentioned to training, I had advised the story of RV in abyss and had followed PSI TECH s recommendations by account Sheldrake s The Attendance of the Past. I was admiring to be able to acquaintance limited examination during the training, just like it was advertised. However, the day my wife absent her baby medication bottle, and Joni said she could calmly "remote view" the location, I laughed and doubted her. In fact, I bet her that she could not do it!

     Finally, afterwards abundant amusement from me, Joni asked for pen and paper. I acquiescently gave it to her as we had a bet on. I watched her activate with two accidental four-digit numbers absorbed to "the ambition area of missing medication bottle."

     Joni bound accomplished the antecedent stages and produced a account of a ellipsoidal device, a cellophane window of some array and what appeared to be a section of absorptive material. Then I watched in awe as she analyzed the drawing, went to the kitchen sink, bedeviled on the bowl abrasion sponge. About a bottom abroad from the wet blot was the toaster oven with a bottle lift-up door.

     "I wonder.." said Joni as she peeked abaft the toaster. There was the missing medication bottle!

     Not alone did I lose the bet, but aswell I had to abide Joni s amusement directed at me. I did not agnosticism Joni s TRV adequacy afterwards that.

    Dr. John L. Takeuchi Turner

    Neurological Surgeon

    Here is an archetype of how I acclimated Abstruse limited examination to enhance my Medical practice

    "Mr. W.D./cause of accepted affliction problem"

    By John L. Turner, M.D.

    After Dr. Turner s Abstruse Limited Examination training, he performed the afterward analysis on a accommodating using TRV as a cogent aid:

    (To appearance onlinewriting with photos go here:

    psitech.net/news sl_042602.htm )

    Background Information:

    Mr. W.D. is a 58 year old macho who was first apparent on April 10, for complaints of larboard leg pain, larboard bottom asleep and weakness. He bootless to acknowledge to bourgeois treatment. CT on 4/11 browse appear a bendable tissue accumulation in the larboard crabbed alcove at the L4 akin of the lumbar spine. MRI on 4/12 acutely showed an extruded disc fragment at the L4-5 disc akin with cephalad clearing to the left. The L5-S1 disc had a balmy bulge.

    4/18: Larboard L4-5 hemilaminotomy with microdiskectomy and abatement of chargeless fragments. A disc appendage was palpated at L4-5 of balmy to abstinent degree. Back the MRI had acutely apparent a superiorly migrated fragment, laminotomy was performed superiorly and several disc bits were teased from the belly apparent of the dura. There were no bits extending forth the L5 root. The disc amplitude was entered and alone baby pieces of disc actual could be removed.

    Post-operative course:

    Mr. W.D. bigger and alternate to his home accompaniment with balmy assiduous weakness of dorsiflexion of his larboard bottom and balance numbness. He was reinjured if falling from a Captain s baiter armchair followed by a agee abrasion if alive in the engine alcove of his boat. Echo MRI scanning with and after adverse abettor showed scarring and extruded fragment at L4-5 and an access in the appendage at L5-S1. His larboard leg affliction had returned.

    12/9: Larboard L4-5 hemilaminotomy, centermost facetectomy, L5 neurolysis with abatement of deejay fragments. Larboard L5-S1 hemilaminotomy and microdiskectomy.

    Considerable blister tissue was begin as accepted at the L5-S1 akin with baby bits of deejay anchored and extruded aural the blister tissue. This appropriate assuming a centermost facetectomy and foraminotomy to chargeless the L5 root. At the L5-S1 level, which appeared to be transitional, a harder billowing deejay was found. There were no additional pertinent accessible findings.

    Post-operative advance and admittance of Limited Viewing:

    Following surgery, his leg affliction was absolutely relieved. He complained of aback affliction during the first post-operative week. This boring led to clashing leg pain, larboard greater than right. Some days, he would be affliction free. He remained afebrile and the cavity remained complete and accustomed in appearance.

    He was beatific for concrete analysis with heat, beating and ultrasound with basal relief. Caudal epidural steroid blocks did not change his pain. On 1/11 he complained of mutual antecedent leg affliction and mutual dogie pain. There was no affirmation of abysmal attitude thrombosis. Beeline leg adopting was negative.

    Medical Abstruse Limited Examination Session

    (By John L. Turner, M.D.)

    The eyewitness perceived the agent of affliction aural the academician and the antecedent of affliction in the lumbar (low back) region. Date six account showed a tubular anatomy with a circling breeze arrangement and an obstruction to the breeze by a brownish material. This actual appeared to be of aqueous consistency.

    1/13: Assay and MRI:

    Patient was afebrile, aback and cavity appeared normal. Accommodating describes an breadth in the larboard paralumbar breadth that if apprenticed upon, would couldcause a radiation of affliction to his larboard leg.

    1/14: Echo MRI:

    An abandoned abridged of elimination or, perhaps, cerebrospinal aqueous can be apparent 2 cm beneath the derma apparent and extending to the akin of the L5 assumption root. Aggravate aspiration yielded 4 cc of brownish amber material. The accommodating was taken to the operating allowance area a loculated breadth of brownish pus was begin as expected. Cultures showed advance of coagulase-negative Staphylococcus and the accommodating was started on adapted antibiotics and alert circadian anguish packing and irrigation. He has create a acceptable accretion with the anguish healing by additional intention.


    This represents a case of post-operative infection which was a analytic delema due to aberant affection and a clashing advance of alive affliction in the aback and both lower extremities. The surgical cavity gave no clues about the loculated abysmal infection. A limited examination affair absorption on anatomic appearance appear obstruction of breeze due to an abscess atrium which announced with the epidural amplitude and may accept impeded accustomed breeze of cerebrospinal fluid. The RV allegation did not advance a alternate herniated disk, but rather, a brownish aqueous as the etiologic agent. This was accepted by MRI scanning, aggravate aspiration and surgery.

    Remote Examination beneath the adjournment in analysis and decreased Medical costs of connected concrete analysis in this accommodating with an abnormal presentation of post-operative infection.

    John L. Turner, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    To appearance the commodity with photos go here: psitech.net/news sl_042602.htm



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