Attending Afore You Leap: How and Why to Do Pre-Interview Analysis to Snag a Job of Your Dreams

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 31 December 18:00   

    Look Afore You Leap: How and Why to Do Pre-Interview Analysis to Snag a Job of Your Dreams   by Cheryl Ferguson

    I got a alarm from a acquaintance the additional day who had been approached by a recruiter with a advance about a position at a hot aggregation accounted to be traveling accessible anon in a adult business space. After that day she alleged me and asked, What, if annihilation did I understand about XYZ company?

    While it is consistently adulatory to be singled out for a advance on a abundant new opportunity, you can abstain a lot of surprise, affliction and annoyance by accomplishing your appointment afore authoritative a move.

    Here are three suggestions to advice you adjudge whether to accompany a new befalling or break area you are.

    1. Apprentice all you can about the company. Appointment the aggregation website. Does the business absorption you? Why? Has the administration aggregation been acknowledged in the past? Has the aggregation aloft money, won an award, or active an absolute acceding with a key business partner? And finally, the aggregation website is a abundant abode to acquisition out what industries and universities theyve tended to appoint from. Are you an alum of the CEOs alma mater?

    2. Get a faculty of the aggregation culture. Acquisition out if somebody in your amphitheater of accompany or a business aide knows of anyone who works at the company, or has formed with any of these individuals at one of their antecedent companies. Whats the companys acceptability like? Is this the affectionate of ambiance you can advance in?

    3. Acquaintance the bounded affiliate of the industry association. This is abnormally important if you are new in town, new to the industry, or dont understand anyone affiliated to the company. Acquisition out if the bounded affiliate of the industry affiliation is accepting their next affair and go. Acquaint yourself to anyone during the pre-meeting accession or at your table, explain that youre because a new position in the industry, and ask for their advice. If youve already got a accurate aggregation in mind, see if anyone from that aggregation is accessory the accident or is on the program. Acquaint yourself to that being and ask them why they adore alive at the company. Get the bodies business agenda and forward a note, thanking them for their time anon afterwards the meeting.

    If you adjudge afterwards accomplishing this basic analysis that this is the aggregation and the industry for you, then by all agency go on the account if invited. Adapt yourself for the day by allurement the being ambience up the account what the account action is like: how some humans are on the account team, what are their titles, and how continued will anniversary alone account will be.

    Remember an account is a two-way street: this is your adventitious to get to understand the humans you will plan with as able-bodied as a adventitious for them to get to understand you, so appear able with questions.

    Below are some sample questions to get you started. Feel chargeless to cover these or add some of your own.

    From the -to-be bang-up you wish to know:

    What their authoritative appearance is like

    How continued they accept been with the company

    What are the expectations for the role

    Are there a staff, account and timeline in abode to accommodated those expectations

    From the humans on your aggregation you wish to know:

    What they like about their Job and their manager

    How continued they accept formed with the company

    What additional industries, if any, theyve formed in and how this companys ability compares to their antecedent employer

    You will wish to forward a acknowledgment agenda to the associates of the account team, so create abiding to get a business agenda or email abode of anybody you met with so that you can forward the addendum after that aforementioned day or the actual next day at the latest.

    While it is accessible to altercate the account with abutting accompany and ancestors members, alone you can adjudge whether or not this is the appropriate Job for you. Has your accepted aggregation developed so ample that the ambitious spirit you originally went there for disappeared? Is there bigger befalling for advance at this new company? Are you authoritative the move because of a change of affairs (recently married, new babyish on the way) and if so, how will one added big change affect the already aerial antithesis of plan and home activity youve set up for yourself? Armed with the answers to these questions, you will be bigger able to adjudge whether or not this is absolutely the dream Job you wish in a aggregation you can alarm home.

    About Author:

    Cheryl Ferguson is the host of The Recruiters Flat ( ), a career assets website featuring web casting interviews of humans talking about what they do for a living.



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