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 03 July 16:44    Web Commercial uses changeless images, activated GIFs, and Beam Action to affectation a artefact or service.

    Advertising on the Web displays in some altered means such as banners or buttons, Pop-up and Pop-under, and addition pages to websites.

    A banderole or a button can be an image, activated gif, beam video or apparent text

    A Pop-up or Pop-under causes a new browser window to accessible and displays a webpage that can accommodate text, images and flash.

    Intro Pages to websites usually accept a beam or gif Action to acquaint a company, their casework or Products.

    Internet commercial is delivered by ad servers. The alotof accepted blazon of ad server in use today is the [ Axial ad server].


    Standard Sizes for Banderole Appearance Advertisements are as follows:

    Rectangles -






    Banners -








    Skyscrapers -




    Where you can advertise:



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