Achievement Diamond: The Killing Rock

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 31 December 18:00   Of all the acclaimed big preciousstones the alotof abominable is the Achievement Diamond, a dejected black adorableness that was dubbed The Killing Stone.

    According to the fable the achievement was placed in foreground of a Buddha bronze if it was baseborn by a warrior, Tavernier, and a anathema that foretold bad luck and afterlife befell on the rock anytime since. For this transgression, the fable says, Tavernier was broken afar by agrarian dogs on a cruise to Russia just afterwards he had awash the diamond. This was the first abhorrent afterlife attributed to the curse. But some others would chase

    The agent who had acquired the rock awash it to baron Louis XV. Anon afterwards that, the agent got poor, apprenticed a abstruse ache and died adversity abhorrent convulsions.

    When Louis XV died, his grandson, Louis XVI, became baron with Marie Antoinette as his queen. According to the legend, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were beheaded during the French Anarchy because of the dejected design s curse.

    After the French Revolution, the design was hidden in a government building, area it was baseborn in 1791. Six years later, the thieves were accursed to the afterlife penalty.

    In 1830, Francis Achievement bought the huge dejected design in an bargain for 90.000 pounds and gave the rock his name. Francis Hope, who was a affiliate of the parliament, anon died a sudden, alien death. Anon afterwards his demise, his added was austere to afterlife in their mansion. Afterwards accepting the stone, Francis Hopes beneficiary and nephew, Thomas, went bankrupted and was alone by his wife.

    Thomas got rid of the diamond, which was purchased by the Russian prince Iva Kitanovski who gave it to a ballerina. The night she wore it for the first time she was attempt and killed.

    After a alternation of tragedies the rock begin itself in the easily of Absolutist Abdul Mamid II, who was affected to abandon in favor of his brother and took the Achievement forth with additional claimed things to exile.

    In the alpha of the 20th aeon the Achievement was purchased by the McLean ancestors and anon after, their babe committed suicide and their nine-year-old son died in a car accident. Mr. McLean got absolutely depressed and died months after in a brainy academy in 1941. Evalyn McLean had capital her adornment to go to her grandchildren. But in 1949, two years afterwards her death, her adornment was put on auction in adjustment to achieve debts from her estate.

    When the Achievement design went on auction in 1949, it was bought by a acclaimed New York jeweler: Annoy Winston. For about a decade, Winston offered the design on abundant occasions to be beat at assurance to accession money for charity.

    Then, on the 10th of November of 1958, this arresting dejected design catholic in a apparent amber box by registered mail and was met by an acquisitive accumulation of humans at the Smithsonian Institute. Some accept that Winston donated the Achievement design to rid himself of the curse.

    In 2003, the Achievement was taken to a building class for testing. It was alone the additional time in 20 years the Achievement has been removed from its chaplet setting. They focused an ultraviolet axle on the stone. Then angry off the axle and, in angle dark, the design glowed ablaze orange-amber (most dejected preciousstones phosphoresce ablaze blue.) It s that able color, which lasts for several seconds, that intrigues scientists. Some brainstorm it s accompanying to actinic algae that accord its dejected color. What causes the gem to fluoresce charcoal a mystery. But back the Achievement Design has aggressive some legends, some say that the aglow blush reflects the claret of ability agitated during the French Anarchy and the aisle of afterlife and bad luck that followed the rock over the centuries.

    Aside from its bad reputation, this design has been annihilation but acceptable luck for the Smithsonian Museum. Afterwards Winstons donation, appearance has jumped and it has animate others to donate, allowance the building to body its world-class gem collection.

    So dont anguish if you adjudge to appointment it, the Hopes abrogating alluring activity won t canyon through the blubbery clear bottle that guards this mystical, better abysmal dejected design in the world.

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    Author G. L. Bycz is the architect and developer of Accomplished Adornment Designs, an online adornment abundance specialized in unique, certified emerald and design rings. For pictures and added advice about the Achievement Diamond, amuse go to



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