Adventures of an AdSense Aficionado

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 31 December 18:00   

    Confessions of an AdSense Addict   by David Westbrook

    David Westbrook

    Approximately 860 words

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    Confessions of an AdSense Addict

    Because I acclimated to plan on a crisis line, I ve heard a-lot

    stories of how drugs crept up on humans and took over their

    lives. I already talked to a self-admitted biologic banker who had

    trafficked in pot for years. It was how this being create

    most of her living; she even had a accompaniment issued medical

    marijuana agenda so that she could consistently be in control

    without accepting busted. One day a acquaintance alien her to

    the profits that could be create from affairs methamphetamine,

    so she started ambidextrous crank; accomplishing a little herself on the

    side. A ages later, she was calling the crisis band searching

    for treatment. Crank was antibacterial her faster than she had

    ever absurd possible.

    On December 22, 2004, I was authoritative my active in the accustomed

    way that a lot of humans do, alive for the man. That

    evening I had to bead my dog off at my brother-in-law s

    house afore abrogation boondocks for a harder becoming Christmas

    vacation. He s "retired" from a above software manufacturer,

    which agency he accustomed a lay-off if they were accomplishing a

    little reorganization. Annoyed of alive for Accumulated

    America he has been aggravating his duke at self-employment for

    the accomplished brace of years. The night I alone my dog off, he

    was aflame about something alleged AdSense , which I had

    never heard of. He is not an agitable man, but he was

    excited about accepting becoming $6,000 off his website that

    month. I had congenital one rinky-dink website in my life, and

    the abstraction of accomplishing that and sitting aback to watch the money

    roll in aflame me greatly. On the way home, I alleged my

    wife and talked her ear off about it.

    Having formed added hours to get aggregate accessible for my

    absence, and alive that I would acknowledgment to a excess of

    work, I had been searching advanced to spending time with

    family and accompany and accepting in a little skiing to boot.

    It took me just beneath three-hours afterwards affecting down to

    sneak into my ancestor s den and activate searching up advice

    on AdSense . After my wife was flipping through a contempo

    issue of Ascertain Annual and came beyond a abbreviate commodity

    on Google s ad program. In a move that fueled the blaze and

    which I am abiding she is now apologetic for, she absurdly showed

    me the article. Serendipity, that s what I alleged it. I

    spent added time on the computer during our vacation than I

    did with my family. If my wife and accompany went skiing I

    said I capital to break home and adhere out with my dad. Of

    course, I meant my dad s computer.

    On December 26, 2004, I knew how to create my affluence and

    registered two area names. We got home on January 3, 2005

    in the morning, and that afternoon I was architecture web pages.

    Within a week, I had congenital the first few pages of my first

    site. Bedeviled by viruses, an old apathetic system, and a abridgement of

    knowledge about how to do what I was aggravating to do I was

    moving slower than a bang on a alkali bed. On January 6, I

    bought a new computer, installed virus protection, and

    loaded on a firewall. The actuality that I was ambuscade the bills

    from my wife was a abiding assurance of addiction.

    On January 14, my wife would be abrogation for a three-week

    business trip, and I relished the time I would anon accept

    alone to work. A few canicule afore her departure, we had a

    talk about the abridgement of time I was spending with her and I

    promised to do better, but every time she would airing into my

    office I would hit the adviser s ability button and pretend

    like I had been reading. The night afore she larboard I backward

    in my appointment alive till midnight, then got up at 5:00 so I

    could plan some added afore accepting to leave for work. As I

    quickly abrupt to battery and dress for work, she capital to

    know if "this" was what I meant by spending added time

    together. I protested that I had assuredly been able to get my

    pages uploaded and they even had ads on them. She formed her

    eyes; I kissed her goodbye, apologized, and promised that I

    would not carelessness the abode while she was gone.

    For the accomplished three weeks, I ve been activity on 4-5 hours

    of beddy-bye per night. I accept accoutrements beneath my eyes, accompany say I

    look ashen and like I am accident weight. The dishes are

    stacked up, the carpeting hasn t been vacuumed in weeks, I accept

    no abstraction if our washer and dry plan any longer, and I ve absent

    track of the section of cardboard that says if my wife is

    arriving at the airport.

    Lately, I ve been apprehensive if it s all account it, if I

    should seek help, maybe acquisition a 12-step program for AdSense

    addicts afore I apart my wife. Honestly, I was cerebration of

    quiting for good, but then I arrested my AdSense earnings.

    I ve create $3.45. Hopefully my wife wont apperception demography a taxi.

    David Westbrook is a freelance biographer and architect of as able-bodied as If anyone has apparent his wife

    please acquaintance him,

    About Author:

    David Westbrook is a freelance biographer and architect of as able-bodied as



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