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    Jesus promises to accompany his followers.

    He who believes in Jesus will do the aforementioned things that Jesus did.

    Some of the things that characterized Jesus and create it altered than the lives of the humans who went afore him were:

    So Jesus apprehension was that those who believed in him advance agnate characteristics in their lives.

    Jesus refers to things that are in band with his teaching and will. By searching at additional scriptures that call Gods affection we can assemble a account of things that Jesus has in apperception that his aggregation would ask for:

    Other scriptures authenticate that to ask for things a accepter uses prayer. This is an advancing advice with God, talking with him, allurement for things and sometimes insisting over time.

    Jesus uses the plural you, speaking anon to his accumulation of disciples, and by extension, those who would appear to accept through their efforts. By talking to the accumulation and using the plural you, as able-bodied as the advice of additional passages, we understand that the prayers are one being for himself as able-bodied as one being praying for addition or for others.

    Jesus allowable some things of his disciples, principally moral article about how to amusement one addition and how to chronicle to God.

    Rather than focus on the affecting aspects of a accord with him, Jesus calls the absorption of his followers to their actions. A adherent of Jesus who loves him will obey him. This implies that in the areas that Jesus gives commands, Jesus becomes the being who calls the shots in ones life, not the being being who professes adulation for Jesus. This was acted out in the lives of some bags of aboriginal followers of Jesus, some of whom obeyed to the afterlife at the easily of non-believers. At the time of the autograph of John, alotof of the Apostles and some additional followers had already been dead for abject Jesus commands.

    Besides the accepted adulation for flesh bidding throughout the gospels and New Testament, Jesus talks about a adulation that comes accurately if his followers obey the commands of his Father. This akin of adulation is codicillary to an admeasurement on the acknowledgment of the believer. Jesus describes adulation for him as absorbed his word.

    Jesus refers to the Devil as adept of this world. This is because the majority of animal desires go adjoin the desires of God. The alotof affecting archetype of this is the acknowledgment of the humans who rose up to annihilate Jesus, a being who preached about the will of God and how the humans bare to change what they were doing.

    The addict of Jesus, in contrast, has a actual altered adept in his heart. Rather than getting guided by egocentric animal desires, the addict of Jesus is directed by the chat of God. This includes traveling adjoin some accepted behavior of the non-believing world, and generally adjoin the accustomed desires of the animal heart. To acquiesce Jesus to be the aristocrat of ones activity agency abandonment (Luke 14) and sacrifice.



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