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    (bla bla: The book contains two characters called John, John the Baptist and John the Apostle, columnist of the book . In this abstraction guide, the simple name John will be acclimated to accredit to John the Apostle, and the name John the Baptist will be acclimated to accredit to John the Baptist.)

    Verses 1-18 are a prologue to the book of John. This section, with the barring of against 6-8 and 15 (which allocution about John the Baptist), was possibly acclimated as a aria in the aboriginal church.

    These verses serve as an addition to Jesus and alongside the conception annual of Genesis. John declares that Jesus is the Chat of God, present and alive in every aspect of the Conception back the alpha of the apple and back afore the alpha of time.

    John uses symbols and metaphors to represent Jesus in an abstruse and somewhat abstruse way. Jesus is referred to as the Word, as light, and in verses 14 and 18, as the Son of God.

     The Chat The Chat was with God and was God in the beginning. God formed with Jesus, his Word, in the Conception of the world. This Chat independent activity and the ablaze of humanity. This ablaze shines in the darkness, which represents a apple which does not admit God.

     Ablaze John uses ablaze and black as symbols of acceptable against evil. The ablaze of God fights adjoin the black of sin. Jesus is this light. The adverse amid ablaze and black thematically represents the battle amid Jesus and sin, as able-bodied as Jesus and the contemptuous bodies about him; abnormally the Pharisees and Jewish leaders but at times including his own followers. The absolute apple was caped in darkness, and Jesus came into this apple to accompany true ablaze (verse 9).

    John the Baptist appears briefly as a agent who gave affidavit to the light, beatific by God to adapt the way for Jesus (verses 6-8). John the Baptist was not to be abashed with the ablaze itself, rather as one beatific to advice others accept in the ablaze that was the Word.

    In verses 10-11 John writes that although Jesus (the Word) came into a apple create through him, his own humans did not admit or accept him. In contrast, John assures that the humans who do accept and accept in Jesus will become sons of God.

    The one who is the Word, that is Jesus, and God, became beef and lived apartof us. Us can be interpereted both as John and his assembly or you and me and altruism in general. John and his assembly saw alone Jesus celebrity (verse 14). In the aforementioned ballad John affirms that the celebrity came from getting Gods one and different son, and describes him as abounding of adulation and truth. In altered passages of the book, these two characteristics are emphasized. John the Baptist is mentioned a additional time acknowledging Jesus importance, and adage that Jesus existed afore him. (The Actuality of Luke capacity 1 and 2 call how John the Baptist was built-in afore Jesus, so his comments actuality can be accepted not as a account about animal age but rather as an affirmation of Jesus divinity.)

    In verses 16-18 the columnist states that a greater allowance came through Jesus than through Moses, as Moses gave the law but Jesus brought adulation and truth. Althogh noone has apparent God, Jesus (the different Son), who has affectionate accord with God, has brought John, and the Christians in his audience, to understand God. Ballad 17 explains that the allegorical agreement Word, life, and ablaze accredit to Jesus.

    In this section, John the Baptist answers questions by the Jewish authorities as to his identity. Messengers ask if he was the Messiah that was accepted to appear or conceivably some additional biblical prophet. John the Baptist answers that he is one beatific as a articulation that shouts in the desert: Create advanced the aisle for the Lord, commendation Isaiah 40:3. He goes on to explain that although he baptizes with water, he as a being is annihilation compared to Jesus. (Baptism in this time was acclimated by the Jews as a acceptable cleansing rite although it was not ordered or explained in any scriptures of the Old Testament.)

    When John the Baptist sees Jesus, he declares Look, this is the Lamb of God, who takes abroad the sins of the world!and explains that Jesus is the one that he has been admonition about. John the Baptist explains how he saw the Angelic Spirit alight on Jesus like a dove, and the God had told him that Jesus would admit with that aforementioned Angelic Spirit. John the Baptist aswell claims to be a attestant to the actuality that Jesus was the Son of God.

    John the Baptist had followers, and in verses 35-42 call how two of these men, Simon Abate and his brother Andrew, leave John the Baptists ancillary to chase Jesus. Andrew encountered Jesus first, and in one of the first recorded examples of Christian evangelism, runs to acquaint his brother that they had begin the Messiah. If Jesus saw Peter, he gave him his semi-ironic but prophetic nickname, The Bedrock (v 42). Jesus then invites them to his home to absorb the afternoon.

    The next day, Jesus went to addition breadth and alleged added humans to chase him, Phillip and Nathaniel. Although Nathaniel at first responds with disbelief, Nazareth, can annihilation acceptable appear from there?, if Jesus reveals a bit about him he bound comes to acceptance and declares that Jesus is the Messiah (the Son of God and the Baron of Israel.)

    Finishing the section, Jesus declares that they will one day see heaven accessible and angels traveling up and down over the Son of Man. This is a advertence to Jacobs dream of Alpha 28:10-17, area angels climbed up and down a ladder to heaven. The appellation Son of Man is a advertence to Daniel 7:13, which was accepted at the time to allege of the Messiah. By calling himself the Son of Man, Jesus was accepted by Johns aboriginal admirers to be declaring himself to be the Messiah accessible by the Jews.



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