The Celtic Goddess Arianrhod

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    The Celtic Goddess Arianrhod   by Judi Article


    ( Argent Caster ) Above Abandon Goddess. A brilliant goddess. Her alcazar was alleged Caer Arianrhod (Aurora Borealis), Goddess of time and karma. Mother aspect of the Amateur Goddess in Wales. Goddess of beauty, the Moon, abundance and reincarnation. Mother of Llew Llau Gyffes by her brother Gwydion. Her accompaniment Nwyvre ( Sky, Space, Empyrean ) has survived in name only. Caer Arianrhod is the circumpolar stars, to which souls abjure amid incarnations, she is appropriately a Goddess of reincarnation. Honoured at the Abounding Moon.

    Celtic Moon-Mother Goddess. Alleged the Argent Caster that Descends into the Sea. Babe of the Mother Goddess Don and her accompaniment Beli. She is adjudicator of Caer Sidi, a bewitched branch in the north. She was admired as priestess of the moon. The benevolent argent sky-lady came down from her anemic white agent in the blast to watch added carefully over the tides she ruled. Her Anniversary is on 2nd December, she is aswell honoured at the Abounding Moon.

    In accession to built-in variations by belt or over time , there are generally several accessible transliterations into the Roman alphabet acclimated for English, Arianrhod Aranrhod - Arianrod.

    A brilliant and moon Goddess, Arianrhod was aswell alleged the Argent Caster because the asleep were agitated on her Oar Caster to Emania (the Moon-land or acreage of death), which belonged to her as a celestial of reincarnation and karma. Her accompaniment Nwyvre Sky, Space, Empyrean has survived in name only. Caer Arianrhod is the circumpolar stars, to which souls abjure amid incarnations, appropriately she is articular as a Goddess of reincarnation. The Mother aspect of the Amateur Goddess in Wales, her alcazar was Caer Arianrhod (Aurora Borealis), or the abstruse centermost of anniversary admit s airy being.

    The moon is the archetypal changeable symbol, apery the Mother Goddess abutting womb, death, rebirth, creation. (Albion, the old name of Britain, meant White Moon ). The Celts "know able-bodied the way of seas and stars", and counted time not by days, but by nights, and create their calendars, such as the acclaimed Coligny Calendar, not by the sun, but by the moon. Age-old astrologers took their observations from the position of the moon and its advance in affiliation to the stars - the starry caster of Arianrhod.

    In Celtic Allegory the Goddess has three above aspects: the maiden, the mother and the crone. These three represent the three stages in activity of a woman. Blodeuwedd is the annual maiden, Arianrhod represents the mother and The Morrigu at endure is the crone. These three aspects of the Celtic goddess may accept altered names in altered regions and bounded legends. For example, Morrigan aswell takes the mother role at time s.

    Arianrhod is said to be able to shapeshift into a ample Owl, and through the abundant Owl-eyes, sees even into the black of the animal hidden and soul. The Owl symbolizes afterlife and renewal, wisdom, moon magick, and initiations. She is said to move with backbone and purpose through the night, her wings of abundance and healing advance to accord alleviation to those who seek her.

    Arianrhod is the babe of the Abandon Goddess Don and the sister of Gwydion. Gwydion was advisor to Baron Algebraic who could alone abide animate if his anxiety lay in the lap of a abstinent at all time s except if he led his armies into battle. During one such action the abstinent who had captivated Baron Algebraic s anxiety was raped, and so there was charge for a replacement. Gwydion recommended his sister, Arianrhod. Baron Algebraic put her virginity to the analysis by allurement her to move over his abracadabra wand. As she stepped over the baton she gave bearing to a boy adolescent with chicken hair. The adolescent cried loudly, and Arianrhod, humiliated, ran for the door, bottomward yet addition baby item on the arena in the process. Afore anyone could bolt a glance at the object, Gwydion captivated it and hid it central a chest. Baron Algebraic then performed rites for the chicken haired boy child, allotment him Dylan. Dylan anon ran for the sea and accustomed the sea s attributes and was never apparent again.

    A time after Gwydion presented Arianrhod with the item that he had hidden in the chest - a additional boy child. Arianrhod was affronted at the "evidence" of her abasement at the easily of Baron Algebraic and alone the child.

    She laid on him three curses:

    He shall accept no name except one she gives him.

    He shall buck no accoutrements except ones she gives him.

    He shall accept no wife of the chase that is now on the earth.

    Gwydion was affronted by these blame and formed to breach them. He bearded himself and the boy adolescent as shoemakers and catholic to Caer Arianrhod. If Arianrhod went to accept shoes fitted, the boy adolescent threw a rock at a bird and cautiously hit it. Arianrhod commented on the adolescent s accomplished hand. At that Gwydion appear himself and the adolescent and declared that she had just called him - Llew Llaw Gyffes, the Animated Accomplished Hand. This threw Arianrhod into a firey acerbity and she stormed aback to Caer Arianrhod swearing that the boy would never buck accoutrements or accept a animal wife.

    Again Gwydion tricked Arianrhod into breaking her own curse. He bearded himself and Llew as travelers and approved ambush in Caer Arianrhod. While they were there Gwydion acquired an apparition assuming a able fleet of ships advancing on Caer Arianrhod. Authoritative accessible for action Arianrhod threw accessible her arsenal and armed her retainers. Gwydion appropriate to Arianrhod that she accord accoutrements to him and Llew (still in disguise) and they would action at the aegis of the castle. She readily agreed and thereby, unwittingly, accepted accoutrements to her son, breaking the additional curse. Gwydion then appear themselves to Arianrhod and told her that she may as able-bodied yield the accoutrements aback from her son, as there absolutely was no action to be fought.

    Enraged at getting tricked a additional time, Arianrhod took abundance in her third anathema - that Llew would accept no animal wife. Gwydion, agitated at the animality Arianrhod was assuming her son, vowed to breach this anathema also. Gwydion went to Baron Algebraic and explained Llew s plight. Accumulation their abracadabra they created a woman create of flowers, Blodeuwedd, to be wife to Llew, and bankrupt Arianrhod s third curse.

    Humiliated by Baron Math, baffled by her son, forsaken by her brother, Arianrhod aloof to her alcazar Caer Arianrhod. Actuality she after drowned if the sea reclaimed the land.


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