Athena,Minerva,Sulis The Some Aspects

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    Athena,Minerva,Sulis The Some Aspects   by Judi Singleton

    Although She is alone One, She appears as some forms or goddesses. Anniversary goddess emphasizes an aspect of the one All-powerful Mother. This is an simple abstraction to accept if we accede our own alluvial mothers. She is the mother of the address if she is affable and agriculture us.

    She is the warrior mother if anyone attacks us and she is attention us. She is the brood mother if she is alarming us to do our best. She is the healer if we are sick. Anniversary of angle are only

    one of the aspects she wears in the ball of activity for all eternity.

    Athena is the Greek abstinent goddess of reason, able activity, arts and literature. She sprang abounding developed from Zeus head.

    She is Zeus admired and is accustomed to use his weapons including his thunderbolt. She wore a helmet and accustomed a extra and

    shield, the abracadabra aegis, a goatskin breastplate, belted with snakes, that produced thunderbolts if shaken.

    Athena was altered from Ares; she represented the bookish and affable ancillary of war. She was a astute and advisable adviser.

    Sacred to her are the olive, serpent, owl, lance, and crow.

    Although Minerva, the Roman Goddess of war and wisdom, is usually portrayed as agnate to the Greek goddess Athena, she was originally an Etruscan goddess of dawn. She is admired as a goddess of wisdom, for the ablaze of aurora typifies knowledge. She guides heroes in war and is patroness of all arts, crafts, guilds, and medicine. Alleged by Ovid "the goddess of a bags works", she was artist of agreeable instruments, numbers, and some crafts, including weaving.

    The serpent and the owl were angelic to her. The serpent is an adumbration of activity activity and the artistic impulse. The owl the attribute of afterlife and wisdom, and appropriately Minerva, a goddess of the aurora and of wisdom, is aswell a goddess of afterlife and transformation. Minerva is an apotheosis of acumen in animal form, an affirmation that we can use our ability and acumen in the following of any ambition we choose.

    Minerva was the Roman goddess of war, acumen and the crafts.

    In Britain at the about-face of the 1st millennium CE, Minerva was depicted throughout Celtic Britain in both absolutely Roman appearance and in the added abstruse Celtic appearance

    But in Bath, at the temple of Aquae Sulis she becomes "fully equated with a Celtic goddess, Sulis". (1)

    So as you see as with our alluvial Mother according to the aspect we

    are calling on we alarm on the name that matches that aspect of the Abundant Mother.Of The Abundant Goddess

    So alarm her name if you charge aegis from the warrior mother or astute counsel. Alarm her by yet addition name if you charge healing. You can alarm on her if you charge afflatus and a brood to create. She is the abundant mother the changeable ancillary of God.


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