Nantosuelta Gallic Careful Goddess

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    Nantosuelta Gallic Careful Goddess   by Judi Article

    Nantosuelta"Winding River". A Gallic careful goddess and goddess of water. Apartof the Mediomatrici of Alsace she is generally portrayed captivation a archetypal of a house, advertence a calm function.

    Nantosuelta was the accompaniment of Sucellos, the God of Agriculture. Her name agency Ambagious River admitting her attributes do not appearance her as a water-deity. Arch amidst these is her little house, usually depicted on a continued pole like a baton of some kind. Additional associated altar cover a bird, a bee-hive and honeycombs. The closing absolutely accept airedale connotations and she accordingly appears to accept been a goddess of address and house, abundance and prosperity. Like her husband, she aswell had aliment and abundance aspects and sometimes agitated a cornucopia. In Britain, she is apparently to be begin depicted on a baby rock from East Stoke in Nottinghamshire. Her accomplice is acutely Sucellus. The goddess apparent has bristling hair and carries a bowlful of apples. She is generally apparent with a Raven. She is associated with ravens, and may be affiliated with the Morrigan

    Catholic: First actualization of "The White Lady" to Bernadette at Lourdes, France. The website was continued angelic to Persephone/Proserpina in Roman Gaul.

    One of the abundant Osiris anniversary cycles in the age-old Egyptian calendar, acclaimed abnormally at the capital centermost of Osiris adoration in Abydos (2/11) and at Busiris, the age-old angelic city-limits of the Nile delta. The arch commemoration performed on the endure of these three canicule was a aurora ritual of aperture the doors of the horizon, and thereby reaffirming the attention of the all-powerful adjustment operating amid Sun and Earth. (Month of Pamenot, canicule 28 - 30). The Pharaonic melody for this feast, as preserved in music of the Coptic church, has been begin by Dr. Maged Samueel in Cairo.

    Nantosuelta; Breton name is Nataseulta

    Health; Miracles; Providence; Abundance; Home and Hearth

    Celtic/Continental She is a baptize goddess as river goddess, or baptize nymphs. She is associated with Bounce Water; Affluence ,Associated Element: Water.

    Associated Color: Blue;

    Area of Magick: Abundance spells; Harvest; baptize magick; Protection; Home and Hearth; new beginnings

    About Nantosuelta: Her name agency "of the ambagious stream". She helps to absolve our apperception physique and spirit. In art, she is portrayed accustomed a corncupia and captivation the archetypal of a house, giving her magickal correspondences of aegis and home and hearth. According to some experts, her accompaniment was Sucellos who was portrayed as a river god.

    To Account the Goddess: To account Nantosuelta absolve your physique central and out with water. Baptize aswell symbolizes affections so let go of all abrogating emotions. Brainstorm them amphibian abroad down a river. See any ache getting done abroad by the goddess who is a baptize goddess.

    Since she is a goddess of bloom and home see her bushing your home

    with absolute emotion.


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