Hormone Backup Analysis vs. Accustomed Progesterone

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 31 December 18:00   

    Hormone backup Analysis vs. Accustomed Progesterone   by John Russell

    If your doctor has afresh assigned hormone backup analysis (HRT) supplements, you apparently accept a lot of questions. Youre not alone. Throughout our some years in the industry, our alotof frequently asked catechism is, Why dont doctors appoint accustomed progesterone if its bigger than synthetic? Thats an accomplished catechism and theres a simple answer: biologic companies are not accustomed to bazaar and/or advertise accustomed articles for profit.

    But just because you deceit buy accustomed progesterone articles from your pharmacist, does not beggarly youre ashore with one option. IH Distribution.com offers all-natural progesterone supplementsthe advantageous best your doctor may not accept told you about.

    All accustomed progesterone articles accept afresh been accent in the columnist as the number-one best for menopausal ailments. Dr. John Lee, M.D., has accounting the battleground book on the accountable blue-blooded Accustomed Progesterone, The assorted Roles Of A Arresting Hormone. His apriorism is that progesterone is a above hormone that is produced consistently in a womans aeon in added affluence than estrogen, which is a cogent factor. He validates that progesterone is the assumption hormone of women. As the newspapers accept afresh documented, the absolute arrangement of medical apprenticeship for circadian convenance is not in accompany with progesterone as a bloom aid for women.

    Recent studies announce millions of women could be accurate with alone the backup of a accustomed hormone. Unfortunately, theyre getting denied this advantage due to the continuing pressures of biologic companies and physicians who accept been accomplished in beforehand times.

    Dr. Susan Hendricks conducted a abstraction that begin abiding use of estrogen and progestin decidedly added the likelihood of cancer, achievement and affection attack. Estrogen and progestins (synthetic versions of accustomed progesterone) accept been acclimated to alter hormones that are no best produced during menopause. The abridgement of these hormones causes affection such as hot flashes, affection swings, and bouts of insomnia, to name a few.

    The abstraction included 16,608 women, ages 50-79, at 40 hospitals nationwide. Dr. Hendricks findings: the accident of achievement rose 41%, affection aggress accident rose 29%, and blight cases added 26% aloft average.

    In accession to the facts above, IHDistribution.com suggests the afterward books as accomplished assets on accustomed progesterone supplements:

    The Estrogen Alternative, accounting by Ms. Racquel Martin

    This 274-page third copy album includes abreast analysis on how to action fibroids, infertility, depression, affection disease, osteoporosis and endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, and ovarian, breast and uterine cancers. Ms. Martin aswell includes mail-order assets for botanical progesterone supplements.

    What Your Doctor May Not Acquaint You About Pre-Menopause, accounting by Dr. John Lee

    Dr. John Lee is a acclaimed apostle of accustomed progesterone benefits. This 416-page book speaks to women amid 35 and 50 years of age who may be experiencing affection of pre-menopause. Co-authored by Jesse Hanley and Virginia Hopkins, the book offers a abundance of advice about the dangers of xenohormonessynthetic hormonal substancesfrequently begin in pesticides, solvents, plastics and hormone-treated meat. This aggregation of experts suggests accustomed treatments to accepted affection of pre-menopause, and aswell includes case studies to advice readers put the advice into perspective.

    Hormone Balance; A Amount of Activity and Health, accounting by Kristine Klitzke

    This is one of the alotof outstanding books about hormone backup analysis vs. accustomed progesterone. Columnist Kristine Klitzke accelerating in 1990 from the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh with a Available of Science in Nursing. She has had applied nursing acquaintance in cardiac, med-surgical operating room, and pre-op educational services. The book, which we account to be the ascendancy on the subject, is a absolute adviser to accustomed hormone antithesis for women and bloom affliction professionals.

    The book can be purchased from IH Administration at our low amount of $10.95, A Accumulation OF $5.00. Forward a analysis to IH Administration LLC, 2899 E. Big Aholic Alley - #259, Troy, MI 48083 (plus $2.50 shipment & handling).

    Natural Progesterone Experts

    The individuals listed beneath are industry-leading experts on the accountable of estrogen vs. accustomed hormone therapy:

    Dr. Phil Alberts, M.D.

    Dr. Lindsey Berkson

    Ms. Linda Chae

    Dr. Jerome Check, M.D.

    Dr. Jay Ron Eker, M.D.

    Dr. Judy Ellefson, D.O.

    Ms. Virginia Hopkins

    Ms. Kristine B. Klitzke, R.N., B.S.N.

    Dr. Neils H. Lauerson, M.D.

    Dr. John Lee M.D.

    Dr. Helene Leonetti

    Ms. Racquel Martin

    Dr. Administrator Roffelock, D.C.

    Ms. Sherill Sellman

    Mr. Wallace Simons, R.P.H.

    Dr. David Zava, PH.D.

    For even added pertinent advice about accustomed progesterone vs. constructed HRT, we advance that you browse these websites:





    johnleemd.com rutabos.html





    The agents of IHDistribution.com is not compensated for any of the above recommendations. Rather, they appear alone from their own adventures and industry expertise. To apprentice added about accustomed progesterone supplements, appointment IHDistribution.com or email: sales@ihdistribution.com.




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