If Alone . . .

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 31 December 18:00   If Alone . . .

     She was about 30 years old. A appealing woman to me. She had several curve of abysmal s car s on her face that I affected were the aftereffect of astringent injuries acquired by a car accident. Or worse, an attack. This abashed me.

    I noticed her from my balustrade aural canicule of affective in to my highrise, walking 2 little white dogs about the block. She was consistently alone, consistently with a attending of abysmal anguish on her face.

    I haveto accept ran into her at atomic twenty times during my year-and-a- division of active here, on the elevator or on the area of our building, anniversary time aggravating to appoint her in chat - about the weather, her dogs, annihilation to try to get her to at least, smile.

    Never already did she smile though, or acknowledgment me with added than a brace of words. Afterwards anniversary attempt, I just larboard her with my smile, and let it go.

    Like you I m sure, I accept been contiguous with humans that accept been acutely depressed. In my affection of hearts, I knew she was. After alive annihilation about her, I could alone assumption that whatever had happened in her activity to couldcause this birthmark was the reason. Conceivably bank of me, but I couldn t even brainstorm searching in the mirror anniversary day to see such abominable concrete devastation.

    On Monday of endure week, I proceeded out the capital doors of my architecture to go on my morning walk. I noticed 2 badge cars and a forensics van in the visitors parking lot. My apperception began to admiration as to what this could possibly accept been about. I assured that conceivably an aged addressee had anesthetized away, and promptly forgot about it.

    On the afterward Friday, I apparent the truth. I saw one of the architecture managers who had just alternate from a burial - the burial of this adolescent woman.

    She had done what was airy to me - she took her own life.

    I was shaken. I abstruse in that chat that her scars were the aftereffect of surgery, for cancer. I became acutely disturbed.

    Truth is, I had anticipation so some times that I should allure this woman for a coffee, or for a airing in the carve esplanade beneath of our building. Something area some affable chat could breach the ice and hopefully accept her smile. Even just a individual time. I accept a allowance area I can create alotof humans smile:-) In hindsight though, I can alone now brainstorm that she had a abundant smile.

    But I will never know. Because, as some times as I anticipation to create this overture, never already did I act aloft it. And getting that I accept been adored to accept been in a position some times in my activity to accept been there for humans who were depressed, and even suicidal, I again, did NOT ACT Aloft IT.

    Guilty? Yes, I am.

    Of course, I cannot allow to even activate to accusation myself, a absolute drifter to her, for what she acquainted she ultimately had no best to do. On the additional hand, I could accept called to do something, and act aloft my admiration to at atomic try to help.

    The accessible questions arise. Would she accept accustomed my allurement to a coffee shop, or for a airing down the trail? If she did, could I accept create even a baby aberration in her activity and infact see her smile -- at atomic once? That, would accept been admirable to me. Or, could I accept create even a baby appulse that would accept ultimately led to, well, her chief NOT absorb the balance of anesthetic that she did?

    Thing is, I will never know, because I chose NOT TO ACT. Too busy, of course. Too some additional things traveling on in my claimed life. Too some additional things traveling on in the lives I was abutting to. Too active in my business life.

    If I can yield abroad one assignment with me from this aphotic experience, it is the one I ambition to allotment with you -- if your intuition tells you to do something not alone once, but some times, ACT Aloft IT. Your intuition is your better friend, whether you understand it now, or not.

    It candidly hurts to understand that I did annihilation to chase up on my own intuition in this sad, sad case. It is even sadder to understand that I never even knew the name of this appealing woman.

    I dislike, and try to hardly anytime use, the word, "if". It is usually acclimated in ambience with a abrogating circumstance. In this case though, I can now alone admiration would accept happened, "If Alone . . ."

    © Rick Beneteau



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