Allegory - The Abundant Boner

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 31 December 18:00   Comparison - The Abundant Destroyer

     In speaking of allegory we charge to be acquainted that we should never analyze ourselves to others. No additional being has our different qualities. No one abroad has anytime gone through the exact aforementioned affairs or has had the absolute concrete characteristics or thoughts we have. We are anniversary different in our own appropriate way.

    When we analyze ourselves to others we accord abroad a baby allotment of our uniqueness, demography abroad from our own ability and talents. We account others for what they accept accomplished and for their talents and characteristics and should apprehend them to account us in return.

    It is if we are appetent of others and what they acquire that we do the greatest accident to ourselves. If we alone knew what their thoughts were and what they had gone through to accomplish their success it is absurd we would wish annihilation to do with it.

    Wise bodies of the ages accept declared that if all humans in the accomplished apple were to dump their problems in one accumulation and we were to go through that pile, we would be acutely blessed to achieve for our own problems.

    We just don t understand what the additional being feels until we accept been in his shoes. What does he anticipate and why does he anticipate that way? What affairs has he been through? What obstacles has he had to affected to accomplish whatever it is that he has achieved?

    When we can candidly acknowledgment those questions we can understand how the additional bodies feels and what has been appropriate of him. The one affair we can understand is our own thoughts and feelings, the affairs we accept accustomed to accompany us to our accepted position in life, and the choices we accept create to accompany us to area we are.

    This allows us to account others after comparing ourselves to them. And we should appropriately apprehend others to extend the aforementioned application to us.



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