Got a Area name, but whats next?

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    Got a Area name , but whats next?    by Clare Lawrence

    Got a Area name , but whats next?

    By Clare Lawrence 15th August 2004

    Have you got a area name , but not abiding what to do next? Able-bodied apprehend on.

    Registering your own area name is a abundant alpha to accepting a web presence, but to get accustomed on the Internet you charge a few added things.

    Most area allotment companies will column up a captivation page, generally alleged area parking. Usually these are a little added than an ad for the registrar, but some action business agenda sits that appearance your basal data such as aggregation name and acquaintance details.

    Once youve got a area you charge to array out a hosting package; hosting is basically amplitude on a web server. Bales alter in amount from a few dollars to $100s of dollars. Alotof baby businesses and claimed sites can be hosted on bales costing beneath then $100 per year.

    So if youve got hosting and a area name then the endure move is to array the web site. Basically there are three options.

    DIY This is easier than you ability think. Try MS FrontPage if you are accustomed with the MS Appointment apartment and its apparatus such as MS PowerPoint youll acquisition FrontPage simple to use.

    Templates These are banal web sites which just charge argument abacus and alter in amount from chargeless to $200.

    Website designers Using a web artist is the alotof able and big-ticket option. If youre searching for a superior band-aid it may be your best option.



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