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 31 December 18:00   

    Internet Tip - Removing Those Annoying >>>> s   by Maria Marsala

    Do you accept addendum that arise to accommodate a bulk >>>>? These

    pesky signs are alleged "angle brackets" and the "greater than

    sign." Anniversary bend bracket that appears at the foreground of a line

    of argument denotes the amount of times that bulletin has been

    fowarded above-mentioned to it accession in your mailbox. Beneath are three

    ways you can abolish these annoying signs from an email :

    Copy the email into a chat certificate program (such as Word). Then

    hit edit, then replace. In the acquisition breadth of the format, put

    a > and leave the alter breadth blank. Then hite alter all.

    Works like a charm.

    Go to Archetype the email into this form.

    In the breadth appointed as "filter" put the > and voilá...

    all the brackets are gone. Try it for yourself.

    Or use this program appropriate by it s designer, Theresa King,

    Any way you do it... amuse abolish those annoying >>>>

    before you advanced mail. Your accompany and audience will acknowledge you!



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