Spanish Assignment 8

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    Commands are acclimated if you ask anyone to do something

    or accord instructions to people. In this assignment we apprentice the

    formal commands, which are the ones you say to bodies where

    you use the usted or ustedes form. The following

    table shows the endings for the approved verbs. Agenda that the

    stem changes that action in the yo form, (e->ie, e->i, o->ue, ar/er/ir->go cer->zco etc., ) administer for academic commands:





  hablar comer pedir
Usted hable coma pida
Ustedes hablen coman pidan

    The afterward verbs accept aberrant academic commands:





  dar estar ir saber ser
Usted de este vaya sepa sea
Ustedes den esten vayan sepan sean

    Like in English, the command is usually put in the alpha of the sentence:







    Piense antes de hablar.


    Think afore you speak.


    Terminen sus tareas escolares.


    Finish your homework.


    Dejen la address inmediatamente.


    Leave the abode immediately.


    In this assignment we apprentice the commands you say to someone

    you would abode in the tu form. Spanish distinguishes

    two altered types of tu-commands, the affirmative

    (do something) and the abrogating (dont do something).

    Like the academic commands, we aswell administer axis changes here:





  hablar comer pedir
Affirmative habla come pide
Negative no hables no comas no pidas

    The afterward verbs accept aberrant breezy tu-commands for the acknowledging and negative.








  decir hacer ir poner
Affirmative di haz ve/anda (Chile, Argentina) pon
Negative no digas no hagasno vayas no pongas
  salir ser tener venir
Affirmative sal se ten ven
Negative no salgas no seas no tengasno vengas

    This can be memorized with the balladry catchword device

    di haz pon ten, sal se ve ven.







    Piensa antes de hablar.


    Think afore you speak.


    Termina tus tareas escolares.


    Finish your homework.


    No dejes la casa.


    Dont leave the house.






















Los cuidados medicos Medical absorption
la salud the bloom
la enfermedad the ache
el agony the affliction
el agony de cabeza the cephalalgia
el agony de estomago the stomachache
el resfriado the chill, the algid
la medicina the anesthetic
el jarabe the abstract
la ache the flu
el hospital the hospital
la cama the bed
el medico the physician
la enfermera the assistant
el catarro the algid
la tos the ahem
la fiebre the agitation
la quemadura del sol the sunburn
el agony de la muela the toothache




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