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 31 December 18:00   

    Introduction to Beheld Basic   by Pawan Bangar

    Visual Basic

    Microsoft Beheld Basic, the latest and greatest apotheosis of the old Basal language, gives you a complete Windows appliance development arrangement in one package. Beheld Basal (or VB, as we generally alarm it) lets you write, edit, and analysis Windows applications. In addition, VB includes accoutrement you can use to address and abridge advice files, ActiveX controls, and even Internet applications.

    Visual Basal is itself a Windows application. You amount and assassinate the VB arrangement just as you do additional Windows programs. You will use this active VB program to make additional programs. VB is just a tool, admitting an acutely able tool, that programmers (people who address programs) use to write, test, and run Windows applications.

    Although programmers generally use the agreement program and appliance interchangeably, the appellation appliance seems to fit the best if you re anecdotic a Windows program because a Windows program about consists of several files. These files plan calm in the anatomy of a project. The activity generates the final program that the user endless and runs from Windows by double-clicking an figure or by starting the appliance with the Windows Alpha menu.

    The role of programming accoutrement has acquired over the accomplished 45 years forth with computer hardware. A programming accent today, such as Beheld Basic, differs abundantly from programming languages of just a few years ago. The beheld attributes of the Windows operating arrangement requires added avant-garde accoutrement than were accessible a few years ago. Afore windowed environments, a programming accent was a simple text-based apparatus with which you wrote programs. Today you charge abundant added than just a language; you charge a graphical development apparatus that can plan central the Windows arrangement and make applications that yield advantage of all the graphical, multimedia, online, and multiprocessed activities that Windows offers. Beheld Basal is such a tool. Added than a language, Beheld Basal lets you accomplish applications that collaborate with every aspect of today s Windows operating systems.

    If you ve taken a attending at Beheld Basal in the past, you ll be afraid at today s Beheld Basal system. VB now sports a true compiler that creates standalone runtime .EXE files that assassinate added bound than antecedent VB programs. VB aswell includes several wizards that action step-by-step chat box questions that adviser you through the conception of applications. VB s development platform, a development ambiance alleged the Developer Studio, now supports the aforementioned appearance as the avant-garde Beheld C++ and Beheld J++ compilers. Therefore, already you apprentice one of Microsoft s Beheld programming products, you will accept the abilities to use the additional accent articles after a continued acquirements ambit advanced of you.


    Programming languages today are not what they acclimated to be. The accent itself has not gotten beneath important; rather, the graphical interfaces to applications accept gotten added important.

    A computer cannot accept any being s announced language. A announced language, such as Italian or English, is artlessly too accepted and cryptic for computers to understand. Therefore, we haveto acclimate to the apparatus and apprentice a accent that the computer can understand. VB s programming accent is adequately simple and uses accepted English words and phrases for the alotof part. The accent is not ambiguous, however. If you address a account in the Beheld Basal language, the account never has assorted meanings aural the aforementioned context.

    You will use the VB programming accent to bury instructions aural applications you create. All the cipher you address (code is the program s instructions) haveto plan calm to acquaint the computer. Cipher is the cement that ties all the graphics, text, and processes calm aural an application. Cipher tells a checkbook application, for example, how to be a checkbook appliance and not something else. The program cipher lets the appliance understand what to do accustomed a advanced array of accessible outcomes and user actions.

    Visual Basics Three Editions

    Visual Basal comes in three flavors: the Accepted Edition, the Able Edition, and the Action Edition. Although we primarily use the Able Edition, the Accepted Copy is alleged the acquirements copy and provides the atomic big-ticket access to using Beheld Basic. The Accepted Copy gives you a complete development environment, programming language, and some of the aforementioned accoutrement the additional editions offer. If you use the Accepted Edition, you accept a able programming tool. Some humans advance alone with the Accepted Copy and never charge annihilation else.

    The Able Copy offers a few added tools, including added ActiveX add-in tools, bigger Internet programming support, a advice book compiler, and bigger database admission tools. Alotof able programmers use the Able Edition.

    The Action Copy provides the client/server programmer with continued accoutrement for limited accretion and appliance distribution. Microsoft added VB s achievement for Action Copy users alive in a networked, broadcast environment.

    If you wish to make your own ActiveX controls, you will charge the VB Custom Ascendancy Copy that comes with the Able and Action Editions.

    The VB Programming Process

    When you wish to use Beheld Basic, you ll chase these basal steps:

    1. Alpha Beheld Basic.

    2. Make a new appliance or amount an absolute application. If you make a new application, you ability wish to use Beheld Basal s VB appliance Astrologer to address your program s antecedent shell, as you ll do in the next hour.

    3. Analysis your appliance with the debugging accoutrement Beheld Basal supplies. The debugging accoutrement advice you locate and annihilate program errors (called bugs) that can arise admitting your best efforts to accumulate them out.

    4. Abridge your program into a final application.

    5. Abdicate Beheld Basic.

    6. Deliver the appliance to your users.

    Rarely will you accomplish all these accomplish sequentially in one sitting. The six accomplish are not consecutive steps, but stages that you go through and acknowledgment to afore commutual your application.

    Starting Beheld Basic

    You alpha Beheld Basal from the Windows Alpha menu. The Beheld Basal development ambiance itself usually appears on a submenu alleged Microsoft Beheld Basic, although castigation ability be alleged something altered due to accession differences. You will see added programs listed on the Microsoft Beheld Basal submenu, but if you baddest Beheld Basal from the submenu, Beheld Basal endless and appears on your screen.

    Stopping Beheld Basic

    You ll avenue from Beheld Basal and acknowledgment to Windows the aforementioned way you avenue alotof Windows applications: Baddest File|Exit, bang Beheld Basal s capital window abutting button, columnist Alt+F4, or double-click VB s Ascendancy card figure that appears in the upper-left bend of the screen.

    If you accept create changes to one or added files aural the currently accessible activity (remember that a activity is the accumulating of files that comprise your application), Beheld Basal gives you one endure adventitious to save your plan afore abandonment to Windows.

    Mastering the Development Environment

    Learning the ins and outs of the development ambiance afore you apprentice Beheld Basal is somewhat like acquirements the locations of an auto afore you apprentice to drive; you ability accept a addiction to skip the agreement and jump into the foray. If, however, you yield the time to apprentice some of the development ambiance s added axiological principles, you will be bigger able to apprentice Beheld Basic. You then will be added adequate aural VB s ambiance and will accept a bigger compassionate of the accompanying words if consecutive acquaint accredit to the Windows and accoutrement in the development environment.


     The Card Bar and Toolbar

    Visual Basal s card bar and toolbars plan just as you apprehend them to. You can bang or columnist a card bar advantage s hotkey (for example, Alt+F displays the Book menu) to see a pull-down account of card options that provides either commands, addition akin of menus, or chat boxes. Some of the card options accept adjustment keys (often alleged accelerator keys) such as Ctrl+S for the File|Save option. If you columnist an accelerator key, you don t first accept to affectation the card to admission the option.

    The toolbar provides one-button admission to some accepted card commands. Instead of selecting Edit|Paste, for example, you could bang the Adhesive toolbar button. As with alotof of today s Windows applications, Beheld Basal supports a advanced ambit of toolbars. Baddest View|Toolbars to see a account of accessible toolbars. Anniversary one that is currently assuming will arise with a checkmark by its name.

    The Anatomy Window: Area It All Happens

    The Anatomy window is your primary plan area. Although the Anatomy window first appears baby about to the blow of your screen, the Anatomy window comprises the accomplishments of your application. In additional words, if you address a Windows-based calculator with Beheld Basic, the calculator s buttons all abide on the Anatomy window and if anyone runs the calculator, the calculator that appears is absolutely just the appliance s Anatomy window with apparatus placed there and angry calm with code.

    Source program is code, forms, menus, graphics, and advice files that you make and adapt to anatomy the activity (also alleged antecedent code).

    The locations of the appliance that you create, such as the forms, the code, and the cartoon that you adapt for output, comprise the antecedent program. If you or addition user compiles or runs the antecedent program, VB translates the program into an executable program. You cannot create changes anon to an executable program. If you see bugs if you run the program, you haveto change the antecedent appliance (which ability accommodate assorted files in the project) and echo or recompile the source.

    The Toolbox Food Controls

    The toolbox contains the controls that you abode on the Anatomy window. The toolbox never runs out of controls; if you abode a command button on the Anatomy window, addition awaits you on the toolbox, accessible to be placed also.

    The Anatomy Blueprint Window Places Forms

    The Anatomy Blueprint window displays the antecedent position and about admeasurement of the accepted anatomy apparent in the Anatomy window. The Anatomy Blueprint window consistently shows area the anatomy appears in the accepted Anatomy window. If you wish the anatomy to arise at a altered area from the accepted position, you can move the anatomy central the Anatomy Blueprint window to move the anatomy s actualization position if the user runs the application.

    The Activity Explorer Window

    The Activity Explorer window, generally alleged the Activity window, gives you a tree-structured appearance of all the files in the application. Microsoft afflicted the academic name from Activity window to Activity Explorer window amid versions 4 and 5 to bless the affinity of the window to the archetypal Explorer-like tree-structured book angle so accustomed in Windows 95 and NT. You can aggrandize and collapse branches of the appearance to get added or beneath detail.

    The Activity Explorer window displays forms, modules (files that authority acknowledging cipher for the application), classes (advanced modules), and more. If you wish to plan with a accurate allotment of the loaded application, double-click the basic in the Activity window to accompany that basic into focus. In additional words, if the Activity Explorer window displays three forms and you charge to adapt one of the forms, locate and double-click the anatomy name in the Activity window to actuate that anatomy in the Anatomy window.

    The Backdrop Window

    A altered account appears in the Backdrop window every time you bang over a altered Anatomy window tool. The Backdrop window describes backdrop (descriptive and anatomic information) about the anatomy and its controls. Some backdrop is for about every item in Beheld Basic. The Backdrop window lists all the backdrop of the Anatomy window s called control.

    Help Is at Your Fingertips

    Visual Basal s online advice arrangement is one of the alotof avant-garde on the market. If you wish advice with a control, window, tool, or command, columnist F1. Beheld Basal analyzes what you are accomplishing and offers help. In addition, Beheld Basal supports a amazing advice ability alleged Books Online. If you baddest Books Online from the Advice menu, Beheld Basal displays a tree-structured appearance of books about Beheld Basal that you can seek and read. The online advice extends to the Internet as well. If you accept an Internet connection, you can browse the latest advice capacity by selecting Help|Microsoft on the Web.


    Perhaps you already can see that Beheld Basal is added than it first appears. Programmers use Beheld Basal to make acutely avant-garde Windows applications.



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