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Your Home Blaze Assurance Account

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 31 December 18:00   Your Home Blaze Assurance Checklist


     This Home Blaze Assurance Account was developed by the U.S.

    Consumer Artefact Assurance Agency (CPSC), an independent

    regulatory bureau of the U.S. Government.

     The Agency has four approved missions:

     -- to assure the accessible from absurd risks of injury

     associated with customer products;

     -- to abetment consumers in evaluating the comparative

     assurance of customer products;

     -- to advance compatible assurance standards for consumer

     articles and abbreviate adverse accompaniment and local

     regulations; and

     -- to advance analysis and analysis into the causes

     and blockage of product-related deaths, injuries and


     It has administration over added than 15,000 consumer

    products acclimated in the home, academy and in accessible places. Among

    the articles not accountable to the Agency s ascendancy are

    food, drugs, automobiles, tobacco, and blaze arms. The

    Commission administers 5 assurance laws: The customer Product

    Safety Act, the Federal Chancy Substances Act, the Flammable

    Fabrics Act, the Adulteration Blockage Packaging Act, and the

    Refrigerator Act.

     CPSC began operation on May 14, 1973. It is headed by

    three Commissioners appointed by the Admiral with the advice

    and accord of the Senate.

     On October 29, 1973, the Agency instituted a toll-free

    Hotline to create it easier for consumers to report

    product-related injuries or potentially chancy products, and

    to get advice on recalled articles seven canicule a week, 24

    hours a day. You may alarm the Agency s Hotline from

    anywhere in the continental U.S. by dialing 1-800-638-2772. A

    teletypewriter for the audition broken is aswell available

    (including Alaska and Hawaii) on a appropriate Hotline number

    1-800-638-8270, in Maryland alone punch 1-800-492-8104. To order

    publications, address to the Appointment of Advice and Public

    Affairs, Washington, DC 20207.


     The Affiliated States has one of the accomplished blaze afterlife and

    injury ante in the world. Fire--in the anatomy of bonfire and

    smoke--is the additional arch couldcause of adventitious afterlife in the


     Added than 4,000 humans die anniversary year in home fires. Every

    year, there are added than 500,000 residential fires serious

    enough to be appear to blaze departments. Added than 90 percent

    of residential blaze deaths and injuries aftereffect from fires in

    one and two ancestors houses and apartments. Acreage losses

    exceed 4 billion dollars annually, and the continued appellation emotional

    damage to victims and their admired ones is incalculable.

     The U.S. customer Artefact Assurance Agency (CPSC) has

    targeted the arch customer articles associated with fires,

    namely home heating devices, adipose furniture, bedding,

    cigarette lighters, matches, and cutting apparel. The

    Commission is accommodating in a appropriate Congressionally

    authorized abstraction of cigarette-ignited fires, which couldcause more

    deaths than any additional affectionate of fire. The Agency continues to

    push for all-encompassing use of smoke detectors. With the advice of

    concerned consumers, the amount of residential fires has

    declined about 30 percent back 1980.

     The CPSC is accomplishing its role to create products

    inherently added blaze safe. We admit that abundant added can be

    done to cut down on the needlessly top and adverse blaze assessment by

    an active and abreast public. Some of the injuries associated

    with combustible articles aftereffect from hazards that are

    overlooked. Blaze experts accede that one key to beneath fires is a

    greater acquaintance of how accidents can be prevented. By

    spotting these hazards and demography some simple precautions, many

    fires and fire-related injuries can be prevented.

     Use this account as a assurance adviser to atom accessible fire

    safety problems which may be present in your home. It is a

    first move in abbreviation the accident of fire. Analysis YES or NO to

    answer anniversary question. If you analysis NO to any question, the

    potential hazard should be adapted to abstain the accident of

    injury or death.

     How safe is your home from fire?


    Sources of Fire

    Supplemental Home Heating

     The use of added allowance heaters, such as copse and

    coal afire stoves, kerosene heaters, gas amplitude heaters and

    electrical heaters, has decreased, forth with the amount of

    residential fires.

     Even admitting there has been a abatement in fires associated

    with added heaters, it is important to bethink that

    about 120,000 residential fires still action annually with the

    use of these heaters, or about 22 percent of all residential

    fires. These fires annihilate added than 600 people. Annually there

    are bags of acquaintance bake injuries and hundreds of carbon

    monoxide poisonings.

    Wood Stoves

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the following

    safety statements.

     Yes No

     1. The copse stove or broiler has been

     installed according to existing

     architecture codes and architect s

     instructions. _____ _____

     2. The chase and arms are checked

     frequently during the heating season

     for creosote accretion and are cleaned

     if necessary. _____ _____

     3. The stove sits on a non-combustible

     or on a code-specified or listed

     attic protector. _____ _____

     4. Combustibles such as curtains, chairs,

     firewood, etc., are at atomic three

     anxiety abroad from the stove. _____ _____

     5. Alone able ammunition is acclimated in the stove. _____ _____

     6. A metal alembic with a tight-fitting

     lid is acclimated for ash removal. _____ _____


     * Do not use copse afire stoves and fireplaces unless they

     are appropriately installed and accommodated architecture codes.

     * Chase the characterization instructions on the stove which

     recommends an analysis alert monthly. Accept chimneys

     inspected and bankrupt by a able chase sweep.

     Creosote is an certain artefact of copse afire stoves.

     Creosote builds up in chase flues and can couldcause a

     chase fire. To cut down on creosote buildup, avoid

     afire fires.

     * Use a code-specified or listed attic protector. It should

     extend 18 inches above the stove on all sides. This will

     abate the achievability of the attic getting ignited.

     * Chase the instructions on the stove characterization for proper

     area of the stove from burnable walls.

     * Never bake debris in a stove because this could over heat

     the stove. Gasoline and additional combustible liquids should

     never be acclimated to alpha copse stove fires. Gasoline will

     burn and explode. Use atramentous alone if appointed as

     adapted by the manufacturer.

    Kerosene Heaters

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the following

    safety statements.

     Yes No

     1. Alone 1-K kerosene is acclimated and it is

     bought from a banker who can certify

     that the artefact is 1-K kerosene. _____ _____

     2. The boiler is placed out of the path

     of cartage areas such as doorways and

     hallways. _____ _____

     3. Kerosene is stored outdoors, and out

     of the ability of accouchement in a tightly

     sealed, finer dejected artificial or

     metal container, labeled "kerosene." _____ _____

     4. No attack is to be create to move the

     boiler if blast (flames alfresco the

     boiler cabinet) occurs. The fire

     administration is alleged immediately. _____ _____

     5. The boiler is acclimated in able-bodied ventilated

     rooms. _____ _____

     6. The boiler is angry off while

     sleeping and is never larboard operating

     unattended. _____ _____

     7. The boiler is placed at atomic three

     anxiety abroad from annihilation that might

     bolt blaze such as clothing,

     furniture, curtains, etc. _____ _____


     * Analysis with your bounded blaze align apropos bounded and

     accompaniment codes and regulations for using a kerosene heater.

     * NEVER USE GASOLINE. Even baby amounts of gasoline mixed

     with kerosene can access the accident of fire.

     * Use appropriately labeled containers. It reduces the likelihood

     of mistaking gasoline for kerosene.

     * Abode boiler so it will not be agape over or allurement you in

     case of fire.

     * Use 1-K kerosene because grades additional than 1-K contain

     abundant added sulfur and will access sulfur dioxide

     emissions, assuming a accessible bloom problem. If you buy

     kerosene from a gasoline base create abiding you and/or the

     accessory are using the kerosene pump, not the gasoline


     * Never ample the boiler while it is operating. Consistently refuel

     the boiler outdoors to anticipate spillage on floors and rugs

     which could after aftereffect in blaze ignition.

     * Accumulate the allowance in which the boiler operates ventilated

     (e.g. aperture accessible or the window ajar). This will anticipate an

     calm air abuse problem and abbreviate bloom problems.

     Kerosene heaters are not usually vented.

     * Accumulate combustible liquids and fabrics abroad from an open


     * Never try to move the boiler or try to asphyxiate the flames

     with a rug or a absolute if a blast occurs. Actuate the

     chiral shut-off about-face and alarm the blaze department.

     Affective the boiler may access the acme of the flames

     and couldcause arising consistent in claimed injury.

    Gas-Fired Amplitude Heaters

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the following

    safety statements.

     Yes No

     1. Alone vented heaters are installed or

     acclimated in sleeping quarters. _____ _____

     2. Vented heaters are appropriately vented to

     the outside. _____ _____

     3. The unvented gas-fired allowance boiler has

     a admonishing characterization and instructions that

     are followed. _____ _____

     4. The unvented gas-fired allowance boiler has

     a characterization advertence it has a "pilot safety

     system" which turns off the gas if not

     abundant beginning air is available. _____ _____

     5. The vented boiler has a characterization stating

     that is able with a aperture safety

     shutoff system. _____ _____

     6. If the boiler uses liquified petroleum

     (LP) gas, the alembic is located

     alfresco the house. _____ _____

     7. The architect s instructions for

     lighting the pilot are followed. _____ _____

     8. Matches are afire afore axis on

     the gas if pilot lighting is required. _____ _____

     9. Combustible abstracts and liquids are

     kept abroad from gas heating appliances. _____ _____


     * Chase the architect s instructions apropos area and

     how to use gas amplitude heaters. Unvented heaters should not

     be acclimated in baby amid areas, abnormally bedrooms

     because of the abeyant for carbon monoxide poisoning.

     * Do not use a propane boiler (LP) which has a gas cylinder

     stored in the physique of the heater. Its use is banned in

     alotof states and localities in the Affiliated States.

     * Chase the architect s instructions for lighting the

     pilot. Gas abasement may accrue and burn explosively,

     afire your duke or face.

     * Ablaze matches, if bare for lighting the pilot, before

     axis on the gas to anticipate gas buildup.

     * Do not accomplish a vented appearance boiler unvented. It could

     acquiesce agitation products, including carbon monoxide, to

     ability alarming levels which will aftereffect in affliction and


    Portable Electric Heaters

     The Agency estimates that bisected the deaths and

    one-third of the injuries consistent from electric boiler fires

    occurred at night if ancestors associates were comatose and the

    heater unattended. The Agency is aswell anxious about the

    use of ability or addendum cords which can be too baby to

    supply the bulk of accepted appropriate by the archetypal portable

    electric heater.

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the following

    safety statements.

     Yes No

     1. The boiler is operated at atomic three

     anxiety abroad from adipose furniture,

     drapes, bedding and additional combustible

     materials. _____ _____

     2. The addendum bond (if used) is

     apparent #14 or #12 American Wire Gauge

     (AWG). _____ _____

     3. The boiler is acclimated on the floor. _____ _____

     4. The boiler is angry off if family

     associates leave the abode or are

     sleeping. _____ _____


     * Accomplish boiler abroad from burnable materials. Do not

     abode heaters area towels or the like could abatement on the

     apparatus and activate a fire.

     * Abstain using addendum cords unless actually necessary.

     If you haveto use an addendum bond with your electric

     heater, create abiding it is apparent with a ability appraisement at

     atomic as top as that of the boiler itself. Accumulate the cord

     continued out. Do not admittance the bond to become buried

     beneath carpeting or rugs. Do not abode annihilation on top of

     the cord.

     * Never abode heaters on cabinets, tables, appliance or the

     like. Never use heaters to dry cutting accoutrement or shoes.

    Cooking Equipment

     Affable accessories is estimated to be associated with more

    than 100,000 fires annually, and about 400 deaths, and 5,000

    injuries. Gas affable accessories accounts for about 30,000

    fires, and electric affable accessories for about 55,000 fires.

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the afterward safety


     Yes No

     1. The accumulator breadth aloft the stove is

     chargeless of combustible and combustible

     items. _____ _____

     2. Abbreviate or bound applicable sleeves, and

     bound applicable shirts, robes, gowns,

     etc., are beat while cooking. _____ _____

     3. Items that could allure children

     (e.g. accolade and candy) are not kept

     aloft the ambit and are kept out of

     the actual area. _____ _____

     4. The stove is not larboard abandoned when

     affable abnormally if the burner is

     angry to a top setting. _____ _____


     * Never abode or abundance pot holders, artificial utensils, towels

     and additional non-cooking accessories on or abreast the range

     because these items can be ignited.

     * Cycle up or adhere continued apart sleeves with pins or elastic

     bands while cooking. Do not ability beyond a ambit while

     cooking. Continued apart sleeves are added acceptable to bolt on

     blaze than are abbreviate sleeves. Continued apart sleeves are also

     added apt to bolt on pot handles, abolishment pots and

     pans and couldcause scalds.

     * Do not abode bonbon or accolade over top of ranges. This

     will abate the allure kids may accept for aggressive on

     affable equipment, appropriately abbreviation the achievability of their

     accouterment communicable fire.

     * Accumulate connected acuity on any affable that is required

     aloft the "keep warm" setting.

    Cigarette Lighters and Matches

     Anniversary year added than 200 deaths are associated with fires

    started by cigarette lighters. About two thirds of these result

    from accouchement arena with lighters. Alotof of the victims are

    under 5 years old.

     You should be able to acknowledgment "yes" to the assurance statements


     Yes No

     1. Cigarette lighters and matches are

     kept out of the ability of children. _____ _____

     2. Cigarette lighters are never acclimated to

     absorb a child. _____ _____


     * Accumulate lighters and matches out of afterimage and out of the

     ability of children. Accouchement as adolescent as two years old are

     able of lighting cigarette lighters and matches.

     * Never animate or acquiesce a adolescent to play with a lighter or

     to anticipate of it as a toy. Do not use it as a antecedent of

     action for a child. Already their concern is aroused,

     accouchement may seek out a lighter and try to ablaze it.

     * Consistently analysis to see that cigarettes are extinguished

     afore elimination ashtrays. Stubs that are still afire can

     burn trash.

    Materials That Burn

     Your home is abounding with abstracts and articles that will

    burn if ignited. Adipose furniture, clothing, drapery

    fabrics, and liquids such as gasoline and airy solvents are

    involved in some injury-causing fires anniversary year. Alotof of these

    fires could be prevented.

    Upholstered Furniture

     In 1989, there were 18,600 residential fires associated

    with adipose furniture; about 900 humans absent their lives.

    About one bisected of these fires were acquired by smoker materials.

    Property losses amounted to over $100 actor from fires

    started by cigarette agitation of adipose furniture.

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the safety

    statements below.

     Yes No

     1. Adipose appliance fabrics made

     from vinyl, absolute or thermoplastic

     fibers are about called for

     assurance reasons. _____ _____

     2. I analysis thoroughly afterwards parties for

     ashes or unextinguished cigarettes

     that may accept collapsed abaft and

     amid cushions and beneath furniture. _____ _____


     * Attending for appliance advised to abate the likelihood of

     appliance blaze from cigarettes. Abundant of the furniture

     bogus today has decidedly greater attrition to

     agitation by cigarettes than adipose furniture

     bogus 10 to 15 years ago. This is decidedly true

     of appliance bogus to accede with the requirements

     of the Adipose Appliance Activity Board s (UFAC)

     Autonomous Activity Program. Such adipose appliance may

     be articular by the gold black tag on the furniture

     item. The fable on the foreground of the tag in red letters

     states--"Important customer Assurance Advice from UFAC."

     * Consistently analysis the appliance area smokers accept been sitting

     for break alone smoker materials. Ashes and

     afire cigarettes can abatement disregarded abaft or between

     cushions or beneath furniture.

     * Do not abode or leave ashtrays on the accoutrements of chairs where

     they can be agape off.

     * Attending for fabrics create predominantly from thermoplastic

     fibers (nylon, polyester, acrylic, olefin) because they

     abide agitation by afire cigarettes bigger than

     cellulosic fabrics (rayon or cotton). In general, the

     college the thermoplastic content, the greater the

     attrition to cigarette ignition.

    Mattresses and Bedding

     Afire fires in mattresses and bedding materials

    caused by cigarettes are a above couldcause of deaths in residential

    fires. In 1989 over 35,000 mattress/bedding fires acquired about

    700 deaths.

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the following

    safety statements.

     Yes No

     1. "No smoker in bed" is a aphorism that

     is accomplished in my home. _____ _____

     2. Heaters, ash trays, smoker materials

     and additional blaze sources are located

     abroad from bedding. _____ _____


     * DO NOT smoke in bed. Smoker in bed is a above couldcause of

     adventitious blaze deaths in homes.

     * Locate heaters or additional blaze sources three anxiety from the

     bed to anticipate the bed communicable on fire.

     * Accede replacing your old mattress with a new one if you

     are a smoker. Mattresses bogus back 1973 are

     appropriate to abide cigarette ignition.

    Wearing Apparel

     Alotof fibers acclimated in accouterment can burn, some added quickly

    than others. A cogent amount of accouterment fires action in

    the over 65 age accumulation principally from nightwear (robes,

    pajamas, nightgowns). In 1989 about 200 accouterment blaze deaths

    were reported; about three fourths occurred in the 65 and older

    age group. The severity of accoutrement burns is high. Hospital

    stays boilerplate over one month.

     Baby accessible flames, including matches, cigarette lighters,

    and candles are the above sources of accouterment ignition. These

    are followed by ranges, accessible fires and amplitude heaters. The most

    commonly beat apparel that are associated with clothing

    ignition injuries are pajamas, nightgowns, robes,

    shirts/blouses, pants/slacks and dresses.

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the following


     Yes No

     1. If purchasing cutting accoutrement I

     accede cilia agreeable and fabric

     architecture for assurance purposes. _____ _____

     2. I acquirement apparel for my children

     that are advised for sleepwear since

     they are create to be blaze resistant. _____ _____


     * Accede purchasing fabrics such as 100% polyester, nylon,

     absolute and cottony that are difficult to burn and tend to

     cocky extinguish.

     * Accede the flammability of assertive fabrics containing

     cotton, cotton/polyester blends, rayon, and acrylic. These

     are almost simple to burn and bake rapidly.

     * Attending at bolt construction. It aswell affect ignitability.

     Bound weaves or knits and fabrics after a down-covered or

     down-covered apparent are beneath acceptable to burn and bake rapidly

     than accessible knits or weaves, or fabrics with brushed or

     accumulated surfaces.

     * Accede purchasing apparel that can be removed without

     accepting to cull them over the head. Clothes that are easily

     removed can advice anticipate austere burns. If a apparel can

     be bound bare off if it catches fire, abrasion will

     be far beneath astringent or abhorred altogether.

     * Chase architect s affliction and charwoman instructions on

     articles labeled "flame resistant" to ensure that their

     blaze aggressive backdrop are maintained.

    Flammable Liquids

     One of the above causes of domiciliary fires is flammable

    liquids. These cover gasoline, acetone, benzene, lacquer

    thinner, alcohol, turpentine, acquaintance cements, acrylic thinner,

    kerosene, and charcoal lighter fluid. The alotof alarming of all

    is gasoline.

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the following

    safety statements.

     Yes No

     1. Combustible liquids are stored in

     appropriately labeled, deeply closed

     non-glass containers. _____ _____

     2. These articles are stored abroad from

     heaters, furnaces, baptize heaters,

     ranges, and additional gas appliances. _____ _____

     3. Combustible liquids are stored out of

     ability of children. _____ _____


     * Yield added precautions in autumn and using flammable

     liquids, such as gasoline, acrylic thinners, etc. They

     aftermath airy atomic abasement that can burn by a

     baby atom at ample distances from the flammable

     substance. Abundance alfresco the house.

    Early Admonishing and Escape

     Even if you accept complied with every account in this Home

    Fire Assurance Checklist, you still charge to accept a plan for early

    warning and escape in case a blaze does occur.

     Some blaze deaths and blaze injuries are infact acquired by

    smoke and gases. Victims drag smoke and poisonous gases that

    rise advanced of the flames. Adaptation depends on getting warned as

    early as accessible and accepting an escape plan.

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the following


    Smoke Detectors

     Yes No

     1. At atomic one smoke detector is

     amid on every attic of my home. _____ _____

     2. Smoke detectors are placed near

     bedrooms, either on the beam or

     6-12 inches beneath the beam on the

     wall. _____ _____

     3. Smoke detectors are activated according

     to architect s instructions on a

     approved base (at atomic already a month)

     and are kept in alive action at

     all times. _____ _____

     4. Batteries are replaced according to

     architect s instructions, at least

     annually. _____ _____

     5. Batteries are never disconnected. _____ _____

     6. The detector has a audible warning

     arresting that can be heard whether

     comatose or awake. _____ _____

     Chase architect s admonition for testing the detector.

     Create abiding detectors are placed either on the beam or

    6-12 inches beneath the beam on the wall. Locate smoke

    detectors abroad from air vents or registers; top air breeze or

    "dead" spots are to be avoided.


     * Acquirement a smoke detector if you do not accept one. Smoke

     detectors are bargain and are appropriate by law in many

     localities. Analysis bounded codes and regulations afore you

     buy your smoke detector because some codes require

     specific types of detectors. They accommodate an aboriginal warning

     which is analytical because the best the delay, the

     deadlier the consequences.

     * Apprehend the instructions that appear with the detector for

     advice on the best abode to install it. As a minimum

     detectors should be amid abreast bedrooms and one on every


     * Chase the architect s instructions for proper

     maintenance. Smoke detectors can save lives, but alone if

     appropriately installed and maintained.

     * Never abstract a detector. Accede relocating the

     detector rather than disconnecting it if it is accountable to

     nuisance alarms, e.g. from cooking.

     * Alter the array annually, or if a "chirping" sound

     is heard.

     * Chase the architect s instructions about charwoman your

     detector. Boundless dust, grease or additional actual in the

     detector may couldcause it to accomplish abnormally. Exhaustion the

     barbecue plan of your detector.

    Escape Plan

     Planning ahead, rehearsing, thinking, and acting clearly

    are keys to actual a fire. How able are you?

     You should be able to acknowledge "yes" to the following


     Yes No

     1. The ancestors has an escape plan and an

     alternating escape plan. _____ _____

     2. Escape routes and affairs are rehearsed

     periodically. _____ _____

     3. The escape plan includes allotment a

     abode cautiously alfresco the abode where

     the ancestors can accommodated to be sure

     anybody got out safely. _____ _____

     4. At atomic two exits from anniversary allotment of

     the abode are established. _____ _____

     5. The blaze administration amount is posted

     on every telephone. _____ _____


     * Authorize avant-garde ancestors planning for escape. It is an

     important accomplice with smoke detectors and it will prepare

     you for a blaze emergency.

     * Cover baby accouchement as a allotment of the altercation and

     rehearsal. It is abnormally important to create abiding they

     accept that they haveto escape; they can t adumbrate from

     blaze beneath a bed or in a closet.

     Your activity and that of your ancestors can be adored by

    foresight, planning, discussing and rehearsal.


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