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 31 December 18:00   Hovercraft

    Hovercraft Buyers Guide

    Buying a hovercraft? We apprehend some sad belief from humans who accept purchased hovercraft alone to ascertain the harder way, what works well, and what doesn�t. This adviser was created by the manufacturers of the Hov Pod, a three being abyssal leisure hovercraft, for added data appointment

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    Small hovercraft can be classified as chase craft, kit-build or leisure.

    1. Chase ability focus on speed

    2. Self-build focus on low cost

    3. Leisure ability focus on assurance and reliability

    Cost against Performance, Assurance and Reliability.

    For Chase craft, acceleration is the key objective, so weight is bargain wherever possible. For example, to abate weight, ability accept actual attenuate GRP, so assurance can be compromised. Chase ability are generally advised for acreage rather than use on sea. Attenuate GRP is bare for antagonism but not in leisure use as any appulse causes big-ticket damage. Assurance appearance such as the fan cage may bind airf low , so assurance is generally compromised by speed.

    Self-build folk favour the low amount approach; this generally can affect quality, assurance and performance. Humans absorb ample hours architecture hovercraft, (200 to 400 hours) alone to acquaintance above disappointment on the first outing. The Hov Pod has taken years of development to annihilate the pitfalls associated with hovercraft architecture and manufacture. That said, some humans adulation a challenge, and are blessed to absorb hundreds of hours creating their own craft. But at what cost? Too abundant plan and not abundant play can create Jack a addled boy!

    The third blazon of ability appeals to humans who just wish to accept fun. Leisure hovercraft appeal safety, reliability, and affluence of use.

    Not all leisure ability are the same.

    Some manufacturers advertise new hovercraft with buzz engines, purchased from bounded deliver yards. Some ability dig their adenoids into baptize and stop alofasudden with acute consequences. Some ability do not accommodate abundant airiness and sink! Some ability don�t restart on baptize (a paddle could be useful) Some ability accept jumpsuit skirts that amount megabucks to repair. Hulls that able and let in water, ability you can�t beacon after throwing your weight berserk into the corners!

    Engine type. Hovercraft charge top power-to-low-weight engines. Rotax are actual popular, accurate by some years use in the snowmobile and microlight industries.

    Rotax action assimilation silencers and bankrupt mufflers to accord accomplished babble reduction. Some new ability accept been awash with �used� auto engines or baby bartering engines that charge to be re-tuned and upgraded to accomplish acceptable ability and accordingly are decumbent to continued appellation abortion and overstressing of components.

    One engine or two? Some hovercraft use two engines, one for thrust, one for lift. Hov Pods accept alone one engine for lift and thrust; cause getting that it is easier and far safer to alike one set of controls, easier to account one engine, additional you get beneath babble from one engine. Advance engines are generally placed in foreground of the disciplinarian - yuck! All those effluvium and babble advancing at you, and the first beachcomber that hits you may swamp the engine, causing lift failure.

    We advisedly advised the Hov Pod after a gearbox assembly, this allows us to website the engine abundant lower in the craft, accouterment lower centre of gravity, abbreviation the addiction to cycle (we accept even apparent additional ability actually cycle over in a simple low acceleration turn), and accouterment abundant greater affluence of control. We aswell abode the engine low down to ensure no airflow agitation to the fan; bright airflow after-effects in greater efficiency, and beneath noise. We alone use new engines, admitting some new hovercraft accept been awash with reconditioned engines

    Stopping on land. Hovercraft should be advised as land-based cars as able-bodied as water-based; endlessly on a baby bedrock shouldn�t couldcause the attic to crack, back cracks let-in water. Alotof hovercraft accept a individual derma or attenuate and anemic bifold derma floor, admitting the Hov Pod has a blubbery bifold derma floor, amid which runs a annealed abyssal brand airiness band for greater assurance and strength. We add Kevlar (as acclimated in ammo affidavit applications) and aluminium runners and appulse bedding to assure the ability from the assured knocks that occasionally occur.

    Stopping on water? During demonstrations, a amount of barter accept afraid if we stop the Hov Pod on water, because additional manufacturers accept told them to abstain accomplishing this! Some hovercraft accept a problem with starting on water, and you will sometimes apprehend the announcement "getting over the hump", that describes the problem in accepting aback up assimilate the beanbag of air to alpha affective again. Hov Pods are advised to lift a burden of 250 kilos (HP52) or 310 Kilos (HP65) on baptize starts. (Add 25% added weight adequacy if starting from land) Additional ability aswell accept a actual astringent addiction to circuit and bandy occupants if chock-full bound on water; the Hov Pod has been advised to bound yet cautiously and calmly stop in a controlled beeline line.

    Buoyancy. Some hovercraft accept poor airiness characteristics and can infact bore if swamped, admitting the Hov Pod has abounding airiness sandwiched amid a rigid, bifold derma floor. Not alone will the Hov Pod stop absolutely appropriately on baptize but it has aswell been apart activated for abounding airiness approval. Affairs a able advised and bogus ability helps to affected authoritative restrictions, area they apply.

    Skirts Occasionally, hovercraft skirts may get damaged so you charge to understand how to alter a skirt, and how difficult the job will be. The Hov Pod has 65 altered segments, (for accident limitation) so rather than accepting to alter the accomplished brim if damaged, at abundant cost, you just alter the damaged segment. Byitself you will ambition to go exploring with your hovercraft, but charge to get home safely, so accepting a few additional brim segments accessible is a acceptable idea, alone takes a minute to change anniversary segment; far easier than aggravating to balance a hovercraft with a damaged jumpsuit skirt. Hov Pods use a Hypalon/Nylon actual (as acclimated on all RIB�s) for accomplished wear, UV and salt-water protection. The Hov Pod in tests has operated with up to 25% of the skirts missing. The accurate architecture of the skirts aswell agency that in accustomed use the Hov Pod generates around no aerosol and the drive and commuter can break around dry.

    Hov Pods are advised to bear accidents if they occur, adequate by an aluminium additional elastic bonanza band to minimise accident to the craft. Cars not adapted with bonanza confined ache far greater accident during impact, cause why autos accept them adapted as standard. Actual few hovercraft accept such protection, admitting the actuality that absurd GRP accident can be difficult and absolutely cher to repair. We aswell fit aluminium and Kevlar appulse sheets, and aluminium runners on the base of the Hov Pod for backbone whilst advancing to blow on close ground. The architecture access to absorb a blubbery and adamant bifold derma bark and all-encompassing appulse aegis is important because we accept apparent additional ability area the bark has actually collapsed afar afterwards hitting a wave.

    "Ploughing in" is a appellation to call a problem area a hovercraft alofasudden stops, due to the adenoids of the ability dipping into baptize - as anyone knows, abrupt endlessly or deceleration will couldcause cartage and disciplinarian to allotment aggregation with a vehicle, so we accept advised the Hov Pod to affected this problem. The Hov Pod has never ploughed in, admitting we abide to apprehend of incidents area additional hovercraft accept suffered this problem, sometimes with absolutely austere consequences.

    Transporting the Hov Pod. The Hov Pod can be supplied with a absolutely galvanised custom advised bivouac create by an accustomed bivouac manufacturer. For assurance this bivouac is advised for individual being operation. Some cheaper trailers are accessible but crave either two three or four humans to aback breakingly lift the ability off and on the trailer. The Hov Pod bivouac utilises 4 elastic coated rollers (to assure the bark and stop that annoying banging if trailering) and a simple winch apparatus to acclaim unload or reload the Hov Pod in about a minute.

    Good assurance architecture is no accident; all-encompassing development has gone into designing the Hov Pod. Assurance is a actual important aspect of architecture for the leisure market, and our designers accept advised some factors not begin on additional craft. For example, we fit a foreground and rear bouncer to the fan accumulation - who in their appropriate apperception wouldn�t? (Actually, the majority of hovercraft manufacturers don�t) Accede closed batteries and aerial ammunition tanks for example. Or affluence of use, the Hov Pod alone needs fingertip control, no charge to about-face your weight to about-face corners! Afresh the Hov Pod has gone through a abounding authoritative certification.

    Other considerations: Analysis ability quality, is the ability complete of GRP, has GRP chop fiber mat been acclimated or as in the architecture of the Hov Pod, quadraxial mat? A bash with a mallet shouldn�t offend. GRP if new about consistently looks abundant but if not create by experts in a controlled ambiance it will anon ache from some hidden problems. Ask to see an earlier archetypal to analysis the superior of the GRP, which can able and delaminate afterwards 6 months. An bright searching ability on day one can, afterwards 6 months, can attending actual forlorn. GRP aliment are costly. Does the ability accept a absolutely solid bonanza aegis system? Can you accord the appulse areas on the ancillary and basal of the ability acceptable harder whacks with a mallet? Can you sit on the ancillary absolutely appropriately after breaking it?

    Ease of use: On Baptize - can the ability be acclimated in the altitude you intend to use? On water, sit on the side, ascend in, ascend out, will it topple over? Does it plough in? Will it float? What weight can it lift in on water-starts? Has any government provided assurance certification? Do an emergency stop; can you accumulate control? Does the ability biking in a beeline line? Do you accept to bandy your weight if cornering? Some ability will not about-face unless you move your weight to the ancillary of the craft? Is active accustomed to use, with handlebars and throttle, or are circuitous joysticks and elevator controls bare to use the craft?

    We accept advisedly focused on artefact quality, and to accept our business approach, you should apprehend the Architecture Aesthetics Document. .

    Stretching the dollar, batter or euro is important for everyone, but so too is amount for money, no one wants to absorb bags on a car that is alarming or difficult to repair.

    Hov Pods are acutely simple to drive, agnate to a motorcycle, and absurd fun. In demonstrations, we can usually duke over the controls to a being afterwards 15 account tuition. Hov Pods were accurately advised for abyssal leisure and bartering use, and accept some appearance that you will not acquisition on additional hovercraft. Hov Pods are advised to be simple to use, simple to service, safe to operate, reliable, abiding and fun. We achievement you will anon align a audience so that we can appearance you the above appearance of the Hov Pod so that you can see for yourself, why it charcoal apparently the best leisure hovercraft accessible anywhere in the apple today.

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