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Banknote In A Beam - Gas Engine Adjustment

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 31 December 18:00   Banknote In A Beam - Gas Engine Repair

    The morning arctic bit through Drake Schnatter s beat anorak as

    he cruised up the aisles of the account flea market. Schnatter s

    eye scanned the bell-ringer s articles until he begin what he was

    looking for - a neglected, bedraggled backyard mower with a three

    horsepower engine. He bought the mower for 5 dollars and

    carried it abroad (the auto were missing). One anniversary after he

    sold the mower with beginning paint, new wheels, and an engine

    tune-up for $175. (Normally the amount would accept been $200, but

    Schnatter took $25 off because the chump brought in his old

    mower for trade-in.) Now he had an old snapper mower to plan on

    and $175 in cash. Not bad for a 5 dollar investment.

    If you accept any ability about baby gas engines (or are

    willing to learn) you could about-face that absorption into extra

    income. Schnatter started at age twenty and now invests the

    profits from his "hobby" in absolute estate. His abstruse is simple -

    find baby gas engines, buy them cheap, and resell them at a



    Where can you acquisition baby gas engines for 5 dollars or less?

    For some the assignment ability be difficult, but not for Schnatter. "I

    first apparent a way to buy baby gas engines bargain if I

    exhausted my sources at the bounded flea market," says Schnatter,

    "I remembered a acquaintance in the carriage and clean-up business who

    told me about the good, accessible debris his barter capital hauled


    Schnatter create an acceding with this acquaintance and several other

    haulers he begin in the bounded paper.

    "I asked the haulers if they would apperception ambience abreast backyard

    mowers, edgers, annihilation with a baby gas engine in their

    pick-ups," Schnatter says, "I told them I would pay up to five

    dollars a shot, depending on the action of the items. Alotof of

    the haulers admired the idea. It larboard them added allowance in their

    pick-ups and meant beneath trips to the dump. Plus, they accustomed a

    cash bonus," Schnatter is a close accepter in creating win-win


    When Schnatter absitively he bare even added inventory, he placed

    an ad in the Abracadabra Ads, a bounded give-away paper. The ad brought

    in so some gas engines that Schnatter had to about-face down many

    offers. His ad apprehend as follows:

    Wanted! Banknote Paid For Baby Gas Engines - active or not - lawn

    mowers, edgers, mini-bikes. (phone number).

    "My buzz was campanology constantly! I told the callers I paid five

    dollars for non-running engines and a little added if the engines

    run. Aural two weeks I had a backyard abounding of rebuildable

    engines, backyard mowers, edgers, rototillers, and a brace of

    mini-bikes. I even got a few chargeless mowers from humans absent to

    clear out their garages," says Schnatter.

    Once Schnatter acquainted his account was sufficient, he advertised

    inexpensive baby gas engine adjustment and sales. He congenital up a

    good chump afterward by alms appropriate casework often

    unheard of at bartering backyard mower adjustment shops. One of the

    services he offered was a ninety-day agreement on any backyard mower

    he sold.

    One of Schnatter s annoyed barter says, "Who anytime heard of

    a backyard mower boutique replacing a torn mower with a working

    mower?" In this case, Schnatter traded a angled up mower for one

    he had just rebuilt. Schnatter says, "Well, I gave chump a

    mower which alone amount me 5 dollars and had just been rebuilt.

    And I took his angled up mower for blades and after awash the mower

    for $125. So, both the chump and I were happy."

    About two weekends a ages Schnatter gathers his rebuilt lawn

    mowers and additional garden equipment, and rents a amplitude at the

    local flea market. Schnatter aswell provides a analeptic and

    delivery account that keeps his business advancing is offering

    loaners to his customers. A bartering agriculturalist says this is a

    service he couldn t allow not to have.

    From Advance through June, Schnatter can almost accumulate enough

    supplies in account because his account is in such demand. He

    charges amid $125 and $150 for gas powered backyard lowers and

    usually sells about ten mowers a weekend. Not a bad assets for a


    Schnatter aswell advance application with bounded bartering lawn

    mower adjustment shops during the bounce months. "Small gas engine

    repairmen are scarce, and alotof shops are backlogged during the

    spring rush," says Schnatter. "I advance you get a arrangement with

    them to do aliment and accept a abiding assets from the shops."

    Schnatter calls his business a hobby. He says anyone who likes

    to plan on baby gas engines or accommodating to apprentice can about-face their

    knowledge into banknote in a flash.


    HOME Abstraction COURSES

    NRI SCHOOLS, McGraw-Hill Continuing Apprenticeship Center, dept 10-1,

    3939 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, DC 20016. Offers a advance on

    Small Engine Servicing. Forward for chargeless catalog.

    FOLEY-BELSAW INSTITUTE, Dept 10-1, 6301 Candid Rd., Kansas

    City, MO 64120. Course, accoutrement and accessories to alpha a business

    in Baby Engine Repair. Chargeless booklet.


    HOW TO Adjustment BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINES by Paul Dempsey. Tab

    Books, Dejected Backbone Summit, PA 17294-0580; $11.20 ppd.


    Dempsey. Tab Books, Dejected Backbone Summit, PA 17294-0580; $13.10 ppd.

    SMALL ENGINES: OPERATIONS, Aliment AND Adjustment Tab Books,

    Blue Backbone Summit, PA 17294-0580; $17.10 ppd.

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