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Why Acquaintance Programs Stink!

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 31 December 18:00   Why "Awareness Programs" Stink!

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    I am autograph this commodity at the accident of dispatch on a lot of toes! Hopefully you do not accept a accusable conscience!

    How some belletrist do you get in your mailbox every anniversary from addition acquaintance program either allurement you for money or allurement you to participate in an accident to advice accession awareness? The big ones are the Walks for Breast Blight awareness, the American Affection Affiliation walks, the American Diabetes Affiliation walks, the Blight Society, and the account goes on. Just about every foundation has some array of accident that they use for fundraising beneath the guise of adopting acquaintance about whatever ache they support.

    I accept a axiological problem with these events. While I accept that it is acceptable to create humans acquainted of these diseases, I generally admiration area all of that money goes. Does it go to armamentarium added abortive biologic research? Does it go to families that accept been afflicted by these diseases?

    What I am sitting actuality apprehensive is why is there no band-aid to these problems yet? Why are the ante of about all diseases at an all time high? No acquaintance of the absolute cure to these diseases yet? The accepted way of accomplishing things is artlessly not working. With the billions of dollars caked into these organizations every year, there is no alibi for the cure to be unknown, yet somehow humans still accept that there will be some phenomenon cure in acceptable bolus anatomy for breast cancer.

    Its not gonna happen!

    Save your money because the cure is simple and acutely inexpensive! For years, there accept been doctors out there abating humans of diseases like breast cancer, Blazon II diabetes, arthritis, affection disease, and all additional forms of cancer. It is accident this minute as you apprehend this. And no additional cure has been begin whose success ante even appear abutting to those convalescent through the simplest cure of all, alteration your lifestyle! According to the Surgeon General, 70% of all deaths by diseases are preventable through affairs change. My assumption is that amount is afterpiece to 90%.

    No one wants to apprehend this because, as with so some things, it is consistently about the money. Who cares about the bags of women who die of breast blight every year. This is a ache that can be prevented and convalescent through able diet and a advantageous lifestyle. So why dont added of these organizations absorb their adored dollars on educating humans about the absolute causes they get ailing and the absolute methods that will cure them of these diseases?

    How some added moms, sisters, daughters, and accompany do we accept to lose to affection ache or breast blight afore they will assuredly get the clue? How some added fathers, brothers, and sons will we accept to watch ache through prostate blight or affection ache afore humans will apprehend that these acquaintance programs are just lining the pockets of a few humans and acceptance the ante of afterlife to abide to climb?

    Why do I feel like I am the alone being agitated about this? I dont understand how some of you are accustomed with the adventure about how the Komen Foundation began. The ancestry are admirable, but I am abiding that the founders accepted the ante of afterlife to abatement with the acceleration in awareness. So why havent the ante of afterlife decreased? That is simple. Because their efforts accept been bearded for some years by the interests of big aliment industries and the medical analysis community!

    The accuracy is, if you will stop agriculture yourself and your ancestors nutrient-devoid candy foods, stop indulging in all of those dairy products, (whose manufacturers and marketers so attentive on one duke accord money to blight analysis and on the additional bear the ache single-handedly), stop agriculture your ancestors meats that couldcause ache and are abounding with saturated fat and cholesterol, then we can clean these diseases off the face of the earth!

    But allegedly there is no money in the truth.

    Start educating yourselves because there appears to be no foundation whose purpose is to acquisition the accuracy and brainwash the masses about the truth. Their efforts are attenuated with the fetor of the dairy and meat industries money. Alpha analytic for advice to advance you to the truth. Dont buy into the lies and bamboozlement of the big money biologic manufacturers. There is not now, nor will there anytime be, a lab artisan smarter than our Creator. Attending to Him for your phenomenon cures because He has provided us with them.

    You can acquisition a abundance of advice on how to annihilate ache and lose weight through our programs offered from our website at You can aswell seek the plan of Dr. John McDougall, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. These individuals are alteration lives, and abating people.

    There is no cause for 70-90% of the diseases that affliction our nation to exist. We accept control. We accept the ascendancy NOW! Today! Why should we accumulate paying for advisers to seek for a abracadabra bolus while we watch our admired ones be wiped out by preventable diseases!

    My advice to you would be, the next time you get a address in the mail from anyone of these organizations is to forward them a letter advertence that you will be blessed to abutment their alignment if they alpha teaching the truth!



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